Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter #NestPitch Hunt is Now On

Nest Pitch agent round is now on! Starting now through 8am April 19th USA EST.  

The Slush Bilbies have sorted through the entries to help the Nest Bloggers whittle down the entries. Now the top seventy-two entries have made it through and are waiting for agents to hop on by to make requests.  

Please remember that until the agents have finished making their selections, comments are for agents only. If you want to cheer on your favorite, you can do it in the comments of this post.  

To find out more about the Nest Pitch Easter Pitch Hunt go here and the Rules and Conditions here. You can find the full schedule here and the participating agents here.   

Here are my gorgeous entries: 


SB-2 YA Contemporary - REVERSE CASCADE

SB-3 YA Science Fiction - FADE AWAY

SB-4 YA Science Fiction – THE DISCARDED

SB-5 YA Literary Magical Realism - THE BIG SLEEP OF ARTIMUS FINCH

SB-6 YA Speculative Fiction – EQUILIBRIUM

SB-7 YA Superhero Fantasy - BLOOD BOYS


You can find the rest of the entries snuggled safely in the other bloggers nests: 

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Good luck to everyone who has made it to here. May your nest be filled with lots of chocolaty requests.  

#NestPitch SB8: You Can Still Make A Baby With Your Socks On

Category/Genre: Women's Fiction/Adult 

Word Count: 52,000 

Pitch: The humorous and heartwarming story of what happens when a thirty year old accepts a dare to follow one piece of advice from each of her hilarious grandmother’s letters.

If the MC was an Easter egg...

Black, to hide dirt. Or white, everything looks crisp when it is white, except dirt. 


Dear Aida,

I hope you got the socks I sent you. When I first mailed them, they were in a regular sized envelope with one of those return address labels from the Easter Seals. I always feel bad using those since I only donated $5 back in 1992 and since then they’ve sent me enough labels to cover the Great Wall of China. Of course, I would never actually use those labels on the Great Wall because I wouldn’t want that many people knowing where I live, but it doesn’t matter because two days later the envelope was returned.

Do you remember our mailman Chris? The one whose brother is gay but you would never know it because he always wears his shirts all untucked and sloppy? Well, he knocked on the door on Thursday with my letter in his hand. He told me that I didn’t put enough postage on it. I told him that it had to be a mistake because I only sent one pair of trouser socks and I even ironed them before putting them in the envelope. I explained to him that trouser socks weigh much less than tube socks or knee highs so they wouldn’t require nearly as much postage. I tried to lift up my pant leg to show him the difference, but he stopped me as I was holding on to his shoulder for support. In the end, I had to find a new envelope and a few more stamps. Thank goodness I had so many of those Easter Seal labels.

Anyway, remember to keep them on when you walk on those wood floors of your new apartment. I saw on Doctor Oz that it really is true that you can get the flu from cold feet. I know it will take a while to feel like home, but you will heal from this, Aida. You will.

#NestPitch SB7: Blood Boys

Category/Genre: YA Superhero Fantasy 

Word Count: 58,000 

Pitch: A radioactive spider would be pretty freaking nice right now. In 17yo Sebastian's world, only the most fearless become superhuman. Forever reckless, he enlists in the program. Now he must survive a nightmarish, insanity-inducing boot-camp.

If the MC was an Easter egg...

Dark chocolate filled with honeycomb because I'm slightly bitter but have a fragile sweet center.


Half the kids on the bus have fresh buzz cuts.

It's hard to tell who among them is enlisting today and who did it for the admittedly sexy shock value. Like Sarah Smith, the blond girl who'd totally be a cheerleader if our school had cheerleaders. Her long blond locks? Gone. Beside her is Adam Green, the quiet guy who, until today, had puffy brown hair that shot out in all directions. He's staring forward, his hair short and spiky.

And then there's me, sitting by myself, resting my head against the grimy window. I run a hand over my prickly scalp. It's uneven, and there's a pretty drastic dip above my left temple. Still, it doesn’t really matter what it looks like. There's no last minute holy-crap-you're-going-to-war booty waiting for me. Because while I may not know if the others are enlisting:

I know that I am.

The bus lurches to a stop in front of my school. A bunch of signs have been erected on the lawn in honor of it being Enlisting Day. They're the same ones that started popping up everywhere since they first appeared, with brave men and women dressed in camouflage surrounded by phrases like: 'Be a Hero' and 'Defend Your Family'.

Outside, a group of beefy guys, all sporting new buzz cuts, are blocking the entrance to the school. Like they do every single day. Most days I keep my eyes down and force my way through with the volume on my iPod turned all the way up.

Not today.

"Hey look," says one of them as I approach. "Leech's given himself a haircut!"

"Let me through, Ryan," I say. He's the leader of this group of meatheads and as such is the only one who matters. Also, his name is Phil, I just wanted to piss him off.


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#NestPitch SB6: Equilibrium

Category/Genre: YA Speculative Fiction 

Word Count: 100,000 

Pitch: 17-year-old Marvel is able to teleport across parallel universes, but when the Shadows from another dimension seep into her world, she must stop them before more of her classmates disappear.

If the MC was an Easter egg...

I’d be plain old chocolate because it’s normal. 


Stars sprinkled the sky, pinpoints of light around a low yellow moon. I breathed in deep as the wind yanked at my hair. Two steps to the edge and I’d fall. Two steps and I’d be gone.


I whipped around at his voice. Gray stood outside the rooftop entrance, his hand lingering on the handle. “What are you doing?”

There was caution in his voice. He knew exactly what I was doing. I’d done it before.

He pulled out his pocket watch, the same one all Royals carried. Brushed gold with exposed gears, turning and turning through thousands of years.

“Just twenty minutes, Leah,” he said. “I’ll stay with you. It’ll be okay.”

I looked at the view again. I could see buildings for miles, lights in windows. People working, eating dinner, spending time with their families. Mine was home as well, with no idea I wouldn’t be back tonight.

That I’d be dead before tomorrow.

Gray’s feet crunched on the gravel as he walked to my side. He only said one word. “Please.”

My heart twisted and a ball of emotion clogged my throat. “I can’t.”

His fingers grazed mine, then slid up my arm and cupped my elbow. When I turned, his cheeks were taut, raw emotion behind his eyes.

“Gray,” I warned, trying to inch away. “I have to do this.”

“Not again. Not this time.”

He wrapped his arms around me, a tight band, and I could barely breathe. A warm breeze blew, tickling my hair against my cheeks. I closed my eyes. Let myself give in for an entire ten seconds as his breath brushed my ear. He traced the length of my blonde hair, all the way to my waist.

Then I eased back.


And I leapt. Straight off the edge of the building and into darkness.


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#NestPitch SB5: The Big Sleep of Artimus Finch

Category/Genre: YA Literary Magical Realism

Word Count: 84,000 

Pitch: Sixteen-year-old Josephine, haunted by her mother’s death, hops a magical train in 1933. It leads her to a mystic promising her greatest wish, if she risks her life to get it. 

If the MC was an Easter egg...

Josephine would be an indelible and bold painted Russian egg, because art never dies. 


There is a risk to love. That nothing this beautiful can be held, that the lover’s heart exists to be beautifully, perfectly, gone.—Josephine Nightingale

(For Nikolai)


1933, Grand Forks, North Dakota, U.S.A

The train roars like a metal monster trying to outrun us. I chase it as my past chases me. Thirteen years ago today, my mother and baby sister died in pool of blood and moonlight in the field beside our farmhouse. Ever since, something dark and oppressive has been building around us, stalking my grandmother and me.

This morning, the nightmare finally caught up, and I ran for my life.

Dust billows up from our feet as we sprint after the train. Nikolai grips my hand so tight his heart beats inside of my palm. Glancing sideways, I catch him in a smile big enough to change the world.

I shout over the train's chugging metal wheels, "Everything in exchange for each other, right?" The whistle blows, echoing freedom into the clear prairie sky. The native scent of wild sage rides the wind at our backs like a love-letter pleading don't go. I focus on Nikolai's dimpled grin instead of the fact that I'm running away.

Nikolai replies in what remains of his Russian accent, "Everything in exchange for each other, Josephine!" His blonde hair weaves a golden web over his face. I squeeze his hand tighter and push my legs faster, propelled by his answer and the hope in his ice-blue eyes.

Tears threaten, but I won’t let them come. Because right now, racing alongside my best friend, I am warm and safe; there is only Nikolai Genokovitch and my feet pounding the earth.

Hands still clasped, I’m closest to the half-open boxcar rattling like a million chains. I reach out my left hand for the train car’s handle.


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#NestPitch SB4: The Discarded

Category/Genre: YA Sci-fi 

Word Count: 68,000 

Pitch: When Brielle’s bff reveals she has cancer, she returns to the island where she’s wanted for murder to steal the cure. Unfortunately, her tendency to electrocute people when upset makes it hard to be inconspicuous.

If the MC was an Easter egg...

Chocolate covered scorpion – if the scorpion was still alive. I tend to strike when bitten. 


I tugged the hood farther over my face and sunk back into the jacket as I slipped through the night. I could see the smoke from the fires snaking up into the starlit sky and hear the peals of laughter from my side of the city – just another Edge of the World party thrown by The Pythons. The local gang liked to throw parties at the cliffs that overlooked the sea. I shuddered with the thought. The cliffs weren’t that high, possibly fifty feet or so, but any height was too much for me.

I trudged through the sleepy city, the steel doors of the buildings closed tight against any nefarious forces passing by. Most of Zale was closed up since it was a party night. The people who lived here were all about survival and on a night like tonight, it was better to be inside. As I neared the edge of the city, I passed the old Zale sign that hung there. The sign was from another time; the letter “S” on the end had been broken for years. I adjusted the long blade against my back nervously. Being as this was my first ever trip to one of the parties to join in the fun, I needed a little security. The parties were notorious for making people disappear.

My heart beat wildly against my chest any my skin tingled with anticipation. I’d be lying to myself if I said I didn’t love a good fight. But me versus the whole gang, well I wasn’t really looking for that much fun.

The smoke was beginning to thicken enough that I could feel it soaking into my clothes and burrowing into my hair. It hung low over the city, its tendrils licking at my face. I tried to escape it by pulling the hood over my nose as a barrier between my lungs and the offensive smell.

#Nestpitch SB3: Fade Away

Category/Genre: YA Science Fiction 

Word Count: 76,000 

Pitch: With mankind suddenly infertile, marriages are genetically assigned to study why. Cadi escapes hers, but things get complicated when she discovers feelings for her husband-to-be... and secrets that prove extinction might be avoidable after all.

If the MC was an Easter egg...

I’d be chocolate-covered, raspberry-filled because a girl shouldn’t wear all her secrets on her shell. 


The lights in the chilly, deserted classroom begin to glow as they detect my body’s warmth. The door slides shut behind me with a whoosh, then instantly bounces back open as if on a spring.

I blink in confusion as Evan walks into the room with bowls in his hands and a pod of cereal tucked under his arm. “What are you, the world’s best boyfriend?” I ask with a laugh.

“Today at least.”

Evan winks, his dark eyes flashing mischievously, and glides a propulsion chair out from under the desk. I plop into the chair and flip off the hologram keyboards while he sits and pours the cereal.

“You should have your favorite cereal on your birthday,” he adds.

I shovel a mouthful of the colorful flakes into my mouth so he can’t see me frown.

“Besides, I only had to get up by five to make sure I could sneak all this out of the cafeteria.”

I brandish my spoon at him accusingly. “They don’t even put out the breakfast foods until seven.”

“Yeah well, I got up extra early to plot the breakout,” he replies with a smirk. “Nothing too good for my girl on her special day. Special week, really.”

“Don’t remind me,” I mutter, stirring my cereal so colorful swirls ripple through the milk.

“C’mon Cadi, you’re not still worrying about Thursday, are you?” Evan asks, his eyes softening. “I wish you’d just find a way to be excited about it. It doesn’t exactly make it easier for me, seeing you like this.”

“It just seems so fast,” I whisper, watching as the colors hug the edge of the bowl and the flakes begin to sink. Saliva floods my mouth and my stomach spins like the colors in the bowl. I swallow hard and push around what’s left of the flakes. 


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