Tuesday, May 24, 2011



Welcome to the Blue Word.  The Blue Word is a blog devoted to books and writing in the genres of science fiction, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance, both adult and YA.  If you are an aspiring or published writer of these genres, follow this blog to tap into source of news from the blogosphere.  I started following blogs to find CONTESTS to get feedback on my writing and the eyes of an agent, so I promise to post all contests I find...even though I'm tempted to keep the info for myself...maybe I'm a little bit competitive.  I am of the philospohy that one should only post when they have something to say.  So...my posts will not be daily.  ;)  My goal is to help keep you updated and to make connections in the writing community, and of course pimp my unpublished manuscript, Stormland.  If you want to know why my word is blue, you'll find the answer there.  Please comment and follow.

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