Sunday, June 26, 2011

CONTEST ALERT: Agent Inbox Contest

Ever wished you could read an agent's mind?  You'll soon have an opportunity to do just that.  A secret agent will be judging the Agent Inbox Contest on Krista's blog Mother. Write. (Repeat.)  By "judging" I mean that she will be posting her thoughts about each entry (query + first page) publicly and of course asking for partials and fulls of any entries she likes....just like what she does with her inbox.  You need to write YA, urban fantasy, or paranormal romance to be eligible.  She will take the first 20 entries submitted on 6/27/11 at 4pm EST, so have that cursor hovering over your send button at 3:59!


This is a reminder that your entry for Shelley Watter's Birthday Blowout First Page Contest should be posted on 6/27.

Critique opportunity: The winner of Sash's Secret's Blogfest...Interrupted will win a 5000 word critique from Sash.  This blogfest ends TODAY, 6/26.

Good luck everyone!

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