Monday, July 25, 2011

July 2011 CONTEST ALERTS - Part II

More contests!  Yay for blogs and their many opportunities.  :)

Agent Inbox Contest: Opens 7/25 at 10am EST!  I entered the inaugural Agent Inbox Contest and loved it.  The participants submit queries and Krista posts them on her blog.  A mysterious agent says exactly what she thinks about them and rejects or requests.  It's like a window into an agent's mind.  Enter fast, it's first come first serve! Open to YA & Adult, limited genres.

Gearin' Up To Get An Agent Blog-o-Rama (GUTGAA): Open now, deadline 7/26 3pm EST.  Week four of this awesome Blog-o-Rama features a first 200 word contest judged by agent Kathleen Rushall!  You can win critique from Kathleen and everyone wins helpful critique from other participants.  :)  All genres can participate in the critique portion but only YA and MG can enter the official contest.

Pitch Contest with Victoria Marini: Open now, deadline 7/29 midnight GMT (which I think is 8pm EST) or first 150 entries. Two sentence pitch + first sentence.  You can win a full or partial request critique...or representation by agent Victoria Marini.  All genres.

WriteOnCon + Reading Room + $1000: Open now, deadline 8/18.  My guess is you've heard of this one already.  A contest that offers $1000 to the winner is hard to keep quiet!  Submit your 1st 500 words.  Grand Prize is $1000, an author profile page on, and your work will be considered for possible representation by literary agent, Catherine Drayton.  Personally, the chance at representation is worth way more than $1000....although I wouldn't turn down the check.  MG/YA only.

Good luck!

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  1. A great round up, Sharon; thank you! I've been participating in the Gearin' Up to Get an Agent blogfest; the event organizer, Deana Barnhart, is phenomenal.