Tuesday, July 5, 2011


There are so many contests for me to blog about right now, I'm mashing them all into one post!  Get ready because July is chocked full of great opportunities:

Miss Snark's MG Critique Opportunity - July 5th at 7pm EST (aka NOW).  A round of critique for MG since they are not included in the Secret Agent Contest this month.

Teen Writers Summer Blogfest - July 1st-9th - Get critiques on your YA from teen bloggers.

“Hooray I Got CATCHING JORDAN Arcs” Contest - July 10th - It's a random drawing where you can win a critique from an agent.

Miss Snark's Secret Agent - July 11th - First 250 words of your YA or adult novel (almost all genres).

Ebysswriter Revision Contest - Deadline July 11th OR first 50 entries.  Agent judged.  This one is unique, you post the SECOND sentence of your chapter one and the first 250 words of your SECOND chapter.  No genre restrictions.

Agent Pitch Contest with Kristin Miller - July 12th - 140 character pitch, YA or MG only.

Elevator Pitch Contest with agent Bree Ogden - Deadline July 13th.  Post an "elevator pitch" (as described in linked article in post). YA, MG, and graphic novels only.

Becky Wallace offering critiques: Deadline July 19th.  Post your query letter in comments for a chance to win a critique by Becky.  The great thing?  Upon request, Becky will critique your query even if you don't win. 

Agent Contest with Vickie Motter: Deadline July 20th or 50 entries!  Post your three line pitch in comments to be judged by agent Vickie Motter.  Prizes TBD (but all agent prizes are good).

Auntie B's Book Club Contest - July 17th-20th - Judged by teens. YA 35 word pitch and the first 250 words.  Win a professional edit.

Deana Barnhart's Gearin' Up To Get An Agent Blogfest - Contests every week in July!  Week 3 is a query critique contest judged by a former agent and Week 4 is a first 200 words contest judged by agent Kathleen Rushall.  Win critiques by experts and get lots of feedback from fellow contest participants!

Mark your calendars!  I'll see you there, worthy opponents.  ;)

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