Saturday, August 6, 2011

August 2011 CONTESTS - Part I

It's so hot, there is no excuse not to stay inside and enter blog contests.  So, here you go!


Get Your Foot In The Door Contest - Official entries 8/8-8/9.  Critique portion 8/5-8/8.  One sentence pitch and first paragraph judged by editors at Sourcebooks.  Lots of critique prizes.  Only for children's, MG, YA, romance, literary, and commercial fiction.

The Huge Micro Synopsis Contest with agent John Cusick - Now until 8/11.  A three sentence synopsis contest for MG & YA only.  You might win a full or partial manuscript request.

Summer Writing Contest at Blackbird in my Window - Now until 8/11.  A first 500 word contest judged by agent Lauren Ruth.  You may win a partial manuscript review.  Multiple genres including SF/F adult & YA.

Ninja Agents at WriteOnCon - Begins 8/15. This isn't technically a contest, but it could land you an agent, so it definitely belongs here.  It is like the Agent Inbox Contest on steroids.  Post your query in the forums where thirteen ninja agents will be lurking around leaving comments and maybe even making requests.  Don't forget, the WriteOnCon contest with a $1000 prize is going on until 8/17.

I like to focus on free contests, but here is a comprehensive post about upcoming contests with entry fees at Seekerville.  They are mostly, but not entirely, contests for romance writers (including paranormal).


A wild and crazy first line critique opportunity is going on here on  It doesn't specify genre, but I assume it's mostly MG & YA writers.

Freelance editor Cornell DeVille is offering a 250 word free sample here.


  1. I found you at Michelle Fayard's blog. Thanks for the great list of contests. I hadn't heard about that first one. :)

  2. Sharon, you rock! I entered the first three contests because of you and your blog. And what a wonderful compliment to learn the Liebster Award was just what you needed to re-motivate your blogging muse. I'll be visiting those you passed the award along to.

  3. Thanks guys! Good luck in the contests!