Friday, August 19, 2011


I have three words for you...or is it one word?

I hope some of you attended the amazing free conference at  It was held from the 16th to the 18th and was the most concentrated source of agent critique giveaways I have ever seen.  I don't see anything that says these giveaways aren't still accepting entries, so check it out!


We Do Write Pitch Contest with agent Mandy Hubbard - Closes 8/19 at midnight (they didn't specify time zone but they also said they might leave it open until sometime 8/20, so give it a shot).  140 character pitch.  You can win a full MS request from Mandy Hubbard!  YA & MG only.

Love YA agent judged contest with Vickie Motter - Opens at 10am EST on 8/22/11, closes at 50 entries.  One sentence pitch and first 250 words.  You could win a query critique or 5 page critique, and agent contests can always result in a MS request!  YA and adult (certain genres).

Unpublished Beacon Contest - $25-35 entry fee based on affiliations.  Due 8/31/11.  First 30 pages.  Detailed feedback provided to all entrants.  ROMANCE only, including fantasy, futuristic, paranormal.


Beyond Lucky Auction for Grassroot Soccer - Silent auction including critiques from agents and editors.
Author Jen Knight gives away 10 page critique to random commenter

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  1. Write on Con sounds pretty epic, and critique give aways are always really helpful. I like the pitch one too. Thanks for the heads up!