Friday, September 9, 2011

September 2011 Contests & Critique Opportunities - Part I

Photo by Texas Storm Chasers
The Texas wildfires this week made me feel like I was already living in a post-apocalyptic dystopian world.  But in the real world, disasters show us that at the end of the day, humans really care about each other.  Everyone from cupcake bakers to sandwich shops to everyday you-and-me-s donated, time, money and items to help the victims.  The real world is mean, but full of hope.  Fortunately, my family suffered no ill-effects from the fires greater than aggravated allergies from the smoke.

Now on to the contests!

The 1st To Make Our Toes Curl - 9/11-9/17 or first 50 entries.  500 words of the "first romantic experience between your male and female characters" (nothing explicit).  You can win SEVEN critiques of your first 10 pages from all the girls at Oasis for YA.

Operation Awesome's legendary Mystery Agent Contest will be held 9/15.  Follow their blog to catch the entry post.

Can You Hook a Teen? Blogfest Contest - 9/21-9/23.  Post your first 250 words with the linky link to be judged by teens from the Teen Eyes Editorial Services.  You can win editing gift certificates from them.

The Judge and Jury Blogfest - Now through 9/30.  Enter a 300 word "defense scene" which can be any "scene were someone defends themselves against something" and post it on your blog with the linky link.  Winners get gift cards, and everyone gets extra blog views!

Disgruntled Bear Query Contest RSVP - Not live yet.  Katie will be hosting a query contest sometime this fall and wants to know who is interested in entering.

Romance contest updates on Seekerville.

Critique Opportunities:

Critique Sisters First Paragraph Critiques - Post your first paragraph in comments by 9/12 and they will randomly select two for open critique on their blog.

Read for Relief Auction - On 9/12 they will hold an auction where you can bid for query and partial critiques from agents, editors, and authors.  Proceeds benefit victims of Hurricane Irene.

Oasis for YA will now be hosting first 250 word critiques every Thursday.

Cynthia at Random Thoughts hosts weekly synopsis or query critiques.


  1. Sharon, you--and this roundup--are incredible; thank you very much. I will continue to pray that everyone impacted by and in the path of the wildfires will remain safe. My husband and I were there for Hurricane Katrina; it taught me that although I can't control nature, I can control how I respond to a disaster. Strength truly does come from adversity. Stay safe ...

  2. I'm glad to hear your family wasn't hurt. People uniting together that's what we are all about! Stay strong!