Friday, September 23, 2011

September 2011 Contests & Critique Opportunities - Part II

Reading this in your feed?  You're missing my pretty new "blue storm" blog background.


Agent's Inbox Contest: This one is such a great learning experience.  Entrants post their query and first 250 words and an agent publicly says what they think!  Scary?  Yes.  But such a great opportunity.  The September installment is for YA & MG only.  The call for entries will post on 9/26.

Baker's Dozen Agent Auction:  I don't even know where to begin to describe this one.  But if you are ready to query, you must check this out.  It's going to be epic.  All genres.  First critique round starts 9/27.

The Best-Writer Buddy Blog Contest: To win you enter a comment "about your best writer-buddy and how she/he inspires and encourages you."  The contest is going on at http://yascribe.blogspot.com, and  You can enter at all three places for a chance to randomly win a query critique from agents Molly Jaffa or Katie Grimm. YA/MG only.  Due 9/30.

YA Confidential Launch Contest: The new blog YA Confidential celebrates it's launch with the opportunity to win a query critique from Sarah LaPolla or a 5-page critique from Vickie Motter.  All you have to do is follow and enter at this post for a chance to randomly win.  YA only (presumably).  Deadline 10/7.

Pitch Contest with Mandy Hubbard:  Details aren't available yet, but this contest should occur in about 2 weeks.  Follow (like you're not already!) to get the details when they post.

Hook for Your Book Contest: Post a 50 word pitch to be judged by agent Jeanie Pantelakis.  The one for fantasy will run from 10/10-10/17.


Beta Match at Rach Writes... - Are you looking for a beta reader or critique partner?  Check the comments to find a match for you.  Or even better, just contact me, because I'm looking too!  :)

Miss Snark's Logline critique - What a great idea.  I have been writing loglines all over the place for contests, but to be totally honest, I actually never really thought about getting them critiqued.  You will be able to submit your logline for critique on 9/27 (wait for call to entries).  "It will be a lottery with a large submission window."

Killer Characters Blogfest  - 10/24-10/28.  Write posts about your favorite "killer" characters on your blog to participate.  You can win critiques from author Elana Johnson.


  1. Sharon, you are amazing in the number of incredible opportunities you discover; thank you!


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