Thursday, October 13, 2011

October Contests and Critique Opportunities

Here is the latest stuff I found on the blogosphere.  Good luck!  I'm sorry my posts have been a little thin as of late, but it's for a good reason.  I have been spending pretty much all my left over time after eating, sleeping, watching my little one, and working, WRITING.  The beta ready draft of my adaptation of Stormland called THE CHARGE will be ready soon.


October Secret Agent - Submit the first 250 words of your manuscript to be judged by the secret agent.  SFF YA & adult (and others).  Submission window open on 10/17.

Fantasy Novel Hook for Your Book Contest - Write a 50 word pitch for your fantasy novel and post it in comments. Contest judged by agent Jeanie Pantelakis. Winners can receive a full manuscript review.  Fantasy only.  Due 10/17.

The 2nd Annual Baker's Dozen Contest - 16 agents will bid on the best submissions.  If you're ready to query, you have got to check this out!  All genres.  First submission window on 10/18.

Science Fiction Holiday Submissions call - Carina Press is open to submission for science fiction novellas with a winter holiday theme.  What a delightfully specific genre!  :)  Submissions aren't due until 3/15/2012 so you have time to get inspired this winter.

Critique Opportunities

The Great Query Contest of October 2011 - I think I might jump on this one for my freshly minted and still uncritiqued (and still innocent) query for THE CHARGE.  Post your query in comments.  Winners will get a partial critique.  YA, adult, & NEW ADULT (yay) SFF.  Due 10/16.

Celebrate the Small Stuff - Congratulations to J.A. Souders on her book deal.  That seems like "celebrate the big stuff" to me!  She is offering a drawing for query and partial critiques to celebrate.  Just fill out the form on the post.  All genres, but YA preferred.  Due 10/17.
Casting Call Character Bloghop - Create a post featuring characters from your book or WIP from 10/24-10/28.  They promise a "critiquish" prize.


  1. Congratulations on your writing milestones, Sharon! I'm not only happy for you, I find your success to be inspiring.

  2. Thanks for compiling such a fun list of opportunities! (We really appreciate you mentioning Casting Call.) :)

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for all the great info on contests and critque opportunities!

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