Saturday, November 12, 2011

November 2011 Contests & Critique Opportunities

Yay for November. You've got to love the fall colors, the giving Thanks, and the crazed writers manufacturing massive word counts for NaNoWriMo. And it's finally not hot in Texas.  Notice I didn't say cold, or even cool, just not hot.  But that will do for now.


"An Agent's Inbox" Contest - The awesome Agent's Inbox contest is now releasing the name of the agent before the start of the contest so we can see how well do at personalizing our queries!  Very cool.  This time it's Taylor Martindale of Full Circle Literary.  In this contest, the brave entrants have their queries posted on Krista's blog and the agent publicly shares her opinion. You may also win the ever valuable full or partial request.  Only 20 entries are accepted and the entry window opens on 11/14 at 10am EST (9am CST/8am MST/7am PST).  Only for YA, MG, & women's fiction.

Love YA Contest with agent Carrie Pestritto - On 11/16 at 10am EST (9am CST/8am MST/7am PST), post your one sentence pitch and first 250 words as a comment on the official contest post.  The winner gets a partial request.  YA only.

Critique Opportunities

J.A. Souders Book Deal Celebration Extravaganza - To celebrate her first book deal J.A.Souders is giving out tons of prizes, including a query critique and critique of the first 50 pages of your manuscript.  Congratulations J.A!  Contest open until 12/5.

inkPageant Query Critique Giveaway - You can submit 3 helpful posts from other people's blogs and 3 from your own to the community blog inkPageant in November for a chance to win a query critique from the staff at Jolly Fish Press.  Check out inkPageant even if you're not querying.  What a great way to increase your blog audience!

Light Up the Library Auction - This is an auction benefiting the library at Musana Children's Home in Iganga, Uganda with lots of critiques and other writing opportunities you can bid on.

The Great Critique Group Matchmaking Service - Fill out the questionnaire and Lynnette Labelle will help you find your critique partner soul mates.  


  1. These two agent contests look to be particularly good ones, Sharon. Thank you, and happy November to you too!

  2. Thanks. Im actually in the auction! Thx for following.