Friday, December 16, 2011

December 2011 Contests - Part II

In honor of my latest project about suburban Houston witches, I wish you a Happy Solstice.  However, feel free to also have a Merry Christmas.  :)

So I use the term "December" loosely here, but the publishing world is starting its Christmas hibernation, so start marking your calendar for January opportunities...of course there is one great contest coming up on Monday!

I wish all of my followers a beautiful holiday season and a publishing contract in 2012. :) Thank you for reading!

Agent Inbox Contest - Yay. I love these, and I think I'll be entering this one with my latest project, The Charge. On 12/19 at 10am est (7am pst), submit your query and first 250 words. Entries will be posted on Krista's blog and the mystery agent will comment on them publicly. Adult & YA, most subgenres.

January Query Tracker Contest - Agent NatalieFischer Lakosil will be judging Query Tracker's next contest and will ask to see the first 100 words and a one sentence log line. Commercial fiction and YA, several subgenres. Opens 1/30/12 at 9 am.

Book Wish Essay Contest -Write a 500 word essay about how selected short stories relate to the Darfuri refugees in eastern Chad and you can win a manuscript critique by an agent or critically acclaimed author. Due 2/1/12.

Editing Advent 2011 - Editor Cassandra Marshall is giving away an editing related prize to a commenter every day this month!


  1. Sharon, thank you so much for these links! At a writing conference this spring I had lunch with Natalie Fischer, and she's a really wonderful person. I hope to query her sometime, but I may enter the contest, too.


    P.S. I'm honored to be on your blogroll!

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