Saturday, February 4, 2012

February 2012 Contests & Critique Opportunities - Part II

This could be you....that is...if I don't beat you.

There is only one word to describe this month.  Contestabulous.  That's why I need another contest post only a few days after Part I.  I went ahead and repeated Part I contests in this post as well, so you can see them all in chronological order.

Cupid's Literary Connection Blind Speeding Dating Event - Last entry window tomorrow (2/4) at 11:00am EST.  This sounds like a crazy good time.  Enter your query and first 250 to be judged by 10 agents.  No genre restrictions.

Seekerville Contest with Barbara Scott - Entries due 2/4.  Most genres.  Send your query and LAST page (yep, I read it a few times to make sure) to  The Seekers will complete the first round of judging and finalists will be sent to Ms. Scott for her to make requests.  Please check out the rules.

Lyrical Press Advance Contest - Closes 2/5! For romance, most types.  Send synopsis and full manuscript.  You can win the best prize there is...publication.

Word Wranglers Editor Pitch Contest - Contest window opens at 7am EST on 2/7.  Submit 1-3 line pitch to be judged by Lyrical Press Editor Piper Deana.  No word about prizes, but it's probably requests!  Romance or strong romantic elements.

Viva Maria Contest - From 2/2-2/9.  Help spread the word about the novel, Maria Paradox, (there you go, that counts as one) and win a a query critique, first 30 page critique, and 20 minute Skype call with agent Meredith Barnes.  Awesome!

I'm Hearing Voices Blogfest - This blogfest is a great way to enhance your characters and also get a chance to win some great critique prizes.  You can win a query critique, first 20 pages critique, or full manuscript critique from the gracious hosts. 2/6-2/10.

I'll Scratch Your Back, You Scratch Mine Blogfest - 2/10-2/13. Looking for a critique partner or beta reader?  Post information about your project on your blog during the blog hop.  Open to all genres.

The Weird Writing World of S.M.Johnston Website Launch Giveaway - Closes 2/14.  Follow blogs and enter to win lots of critique prizes.

Pitch Workshop with Brenda Drake, Shelley Watters, & Cassandra Marshall - Closes 2/17 or when they have 60 entrants (hint - right now they have 55).  If you make it in, you qualify to submit your 35 word pitch and first 100 words for critique by the fine ladies above.  According to the post, there is a major pitching event in March, so this will get you ready.  All genres.

Pitch Contest with Tricia Lawrence of EMLA - The contest will be for 250 word queries and will take place between 2/13 and 2/17.  There is not much detail posted yet, but follow the blog for updates.  You can also win other prizes by spreading the word about this contest.

Get Fired Up Blogfest - Closes 2/29.  Help a new, struggling, or undiscovered blogger (like me...hint) and get a chance to win a Kindle Fire or a two (2) hour plot consultation with, Martha Alderson.

inkPageant February Giveaway - Closes 2/29.  Post on inkPageant and get a chance to win a 20 or 50 page critique from Looseleaf Editorial & Publishing.

Holy moly.  I'll tell you what I'm doing.  I'm putting my manuscript in lipstick and heels and sending it out to find true love this February.  See you there, worthy competitors!


  1. Wow, thanks Sharon! It's an awesome list of contests with very useful prizes:)

  2. Wow! I'm feeling the contest love this month for sure:)

  3. Thank you so much for plugging this blogfest-prize give a way. I am still working on the emails to the participants with the number of entries they have. If I do not already have your email address, please email me at so I can keep you updated on your entries and the winners when selected.

    Thank you again.