Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm Hearing Voices - Blogfest: Dialogue Introduction

It's day two of the I'm Hearing Voices Blogfest.  Today we "have two characters introduce each other using only dialogue—no backstory, no internalization, just dialogue between the two."  It's such a challenge!  It makes me realize I rely a lot on describing body language and the like.  I am also really tempted to provide backstory right now, but I'll behave.

Emmy: “I’m supposed to give you clothes.  I donate all my old clothes with my social responsibility club, so I don’t have anything smaller. The tops might be too big for you.”
Evangeline: (silence)
Emmy: “Why are you looking at them like that?  What’s wrong with my clothes?  You’d rather wear the shelter donated ones you have on now?”
Evangeline: (silence)
Emmy: “You can talk can’t you?  I know you never went to a real school, but I thought you could at least talk. I know you can’t read.”
Evangeline: “I can read.”
Emmy: “How old are you?”
Evangeline: “12”
Emmy: “When is your birthday?”
Evangeline: “March 15th.”
Emmy: “I was still a freaking baby when you were born.  That’s so gross.  You know, you don’t even look anything like me.  Do you look like her?”
Evangeline: “My mom?  I guess so.”
Emmy: “Did you know my dad?  Did he visit you?  How much? Did you know he had other kids? Did he love her?”
Evangeline: “I don’t know.”
Emmy: “I don’t know to which question?  You know whether or not he visited you.”
Evangeline: “Thank you for the clothes.”
Emmy: “You know, I know what you are.  I can tell.  They’re something evil about you.”
Evangeline: “I’m proud to be a dark witch."
Emmy: “That's sick.  You shouldn't be proud.  God doesn’t love witches.”
Evangeline: “You shouldn’t be proud to be a Mundane.  It just means you’re ordinary.  Pointless.”
Emmy: “Witches don’t get into Heaven.”
Evangeline: “So?”
Emmy: “So?
Evangeline: “Then you think my mom is in Hell?”


  1. Wow, with a sister like Emmy, who needs a Hell? Enticing dialogue. I want to Evangeline better. Emmy I have known too many of! :-) Roland

  2. YES! So great! Um, MORE PLEASE! : )

  3. This is so cool Sharon :) The character dynamics are dynamite. Great job!

  4. Wow. I got goosebumps. This story sounds so cool!

  5. This was awesome - loved the voice, and I definitely want to read the story now!

  6. Wow, this was such an intense scene! I love Evangeline. She seems smart (despite the few words) for a 12 year old.

  7. This brings up so many questions! I really want to read more! Is this the one I'm going to beta?

  8. ooh, i really loved this! I have so many questions that i want answered! I would totally read more

  9. I was drawn right into this from the very start! Great voices for the characters, I loved it!

  10. Wow! I love the way it devolved from the one girl giving the other clothes, to her being rather...mean. I would totally read more.