Saturday, April 7, 2012

April 2012 Contests and Critique Opportunities - Part I

It's time for some more contests! This Easter, hop on over to these blogs for some great opportunities (yeah, that's right, I said hop).

Agent-Judged Contests

Miss Snark's April Secret Agent Contest - Submissions this month will be chosen by a lottery. Submit the first 250 words of your MS between 9am and 5pm EST on 4/9. Just YA and MG this time around. As always, you can win a request.

Agent-Judged Contest from Ruth Lauren Steven - You can win a partial read and feedback from agents Julia Churchill of Greenhouse and Gemma Cooper of The Bright Literary Agency. Submit your query and first five pages during the submission window of 9am-5pm EST on 4/18. YA or MG only.

Critique Opportunities

April 1st 5 Pages Workshop - The first 5 entries will be entered into the Adventures in YA & Children's Publishing Monthly free workshop for the first 5 pages of your YA or MG manuscript. Opened 4/7 at noon.

Agent Query Critique Giveaway from Krista Van Dolzer - Congratulations Krista! She just signed with Kate Schafer Testerman of kt literary! To celebrate, she's giving away a query critique from her new agent and 2 query and 1st ten page critiques from herself. To enter, you must spread the word about her contest and then comment. All genres. Due 4/9.

Let me know if I left anything out! For all of you doing the A-Z Challenge, keep up the awesome work! I am inspired. Happy Easter!


  1. Thanks again for all the great contests Sharon!

  2. That's so nice of you to post all these opportunities for us, Sharon. I wish I had a query letter - not really in the mood for all the frustration of putting one together right now. Gotta finish edits on my novel, you know? Thanks Sharon:)