Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 2012 Contests and Critique Opportunities - Part II

Happy Earth Day! To celebrate, I've added some of my favorite earth friendly links: - Simple, easy tips. - Complete your own home energy audit and learn how you can improve. - There is no excuse for ever throwing away a book. Give them away or sell them to a secondhand store. - A list of ways writers can help the environment. I wrote mine first ;)

Favorite Eco-Friendly Books:

Green Your Home All-in-one For Dummies
Shift Your Habit: Easy Ways to Save Money, Simplify Your Life, and Save the Planet

Now on to the contests -

Pitch Contest for Query Critique - Submit your 1-2 line pitch for YA, women's fiction, historical or romance by 4/22 (that's today!) to be judged by agent Emmanuelle Morgen. Winners get a query critique from the agent.

An Agent's Inbox Contest - This is one of my favorites! Submit your query and first page on 4/23 at 10am EST. Selections will be posted on Krista's blog for public comments by an agent. Winners can get requests. Various genres for both adult and YA, but this agent prefers realistic work (not sci-fi/ fantasy).

Celebration Critique Giveaway - Comment on the post by 4/25 for a chance to win a full or first 10 page critique from author Amy L. Sonnichsen. No genre restrictions.

Strange Chemistry Open Door -  The YA publisher Strange Chemistry is open to unagented submissions of YA sci-fi and fantasy (all varieties) until 4/30. Submit your synopsis and first 5 chapters, specific instructions listed on link.

The Writer's Voice Blogfest Contest - Based on the reality show The Voice, 4 bloggers will pick teams of writers and help them hone their entries to be judged by agents. You can win partial and full requests. You will post your query and first 250 words on your blog. Two submission windows open on 5/3. Several genres.

Young Writer's Prize - For writers 18-25 only. Submit your first 4000 words and a full synopsis of your novel for readers 9-19 between 4/30 and 5/31. You can win a chance to be published by Hot Key Books.

Crits for Water Auction - Through 6/30, bidding opportunities will be available for critiques from agents and editors. Proceeds benefit clean water.

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