Monday, June 18, 2012

Murder Mystery Blogfest


Attention nefarious villains of the blogging world, the paranormal private investigator duo, Stein & Candle, will be visiting your blog to question you about the suspicious murder of Lenny Glow. Hired by Lenny's widow, Bertha Austin Glow, the hardboiled detectives will be on the case from June 25-July 8th, 1958 (er...2012, but don't tell them that).

Love a good murder mystery? Here's how you play:

1) During the week of 6/25, post an introduction to your suspect on your blog. You may invent a character for this game, use a character from the article below, or use a character from your current WIP or published work. Please use the banner above and link to this post in your post.

2) Once you have posted your introduction, the detective duo will interrogate your suspect by sending you some interview questions. We ask for your email when you sign up so we may send you these questions. We will not use your email for any other purpose. Please post your suspect's answers to these questions by 7/1. Stein & Candle author, Michael Panush, will be visiting your blogs and will give out awards for some of the most creative suspects.

3) On 7/2, the detectives will post clues on this blog as to which suspect they think killed Lenny Glow. You will have until 7/8 to use the clues and the information on the other blog posts to decide who killed Lenny could even be your own suspect! Your participation and guesses can win you entries in the blogfest raffle.

You can win one of multiple copies of:
And other prizes:
  • A first page critique by author Michael Panush
  • A two-pass query critique by Sharon Bayliss
Want to play? Sign up on the linky at the bottom and begin your research on the murder of Mr. Glow by reading the tabloid article here, furnished by Michael Panush himself.

Who Killed Lenny Glow? : LA Mogul Murdered By Wild Witchcraft
By Hal Hobbins. First appeared in the Sneaky Peek Magazine, circa 1958

Dig this, rabid readers – if our sleazy city of Angels ever had a devil in residence, then it was Lenny Glow. A big time developer with a sideline in politics and vice, Lucky Lenny had his fingers in a baker’s dozen of dirty pies. What peculiar peccadilloes did he possess? Well, along with a nasty habit of acquiring property like a tiger acquires meals, the good Mr. Glow routinely doled out bribes to our fine elected officials. The mayor’s office and the honorable LAPD were often ready recipients of big Lenny’s avaricious affection. In return, the eager-to-please politicos and the cash-crazed cops looked the other way when Lenny’s hired goons persuaded unwilling owners into parting with precious property. And that’s not all, my voracious voyeurs of vice, for Large Lenny had recently started dealing in dope. Now, you wouldn’t find fancy-pants Glow hawking heroin on the corner. Instead, he used his fleet of trucks to transport the stuff in for local syndicates, using some of his construction companies as a front. Nothing was ever proven but suspicions went high as Lenny’s mansions started to make palaces look tiny. In his trademark sharkskin suit and terrible toupee, Lovely Lenny became a fixture at the swankiest hotspots in our hopping city. More often than not, someone with movie star looks and appetites to match was on his arm – which his dearly beloved bride Bertha Austin Glow must enjoyed as much as the gray in her usual platinum blonde beehive hair-do.

Unfortunately, it seems that Glow recently bit off more than he could chew. Rest assured, my rapacious readers, Glow’s sin caught up to him in a most unusual way.

Last night, the Glowster was found dead in his ritzy beachside pad. The method of death, a committed connoisseur of carnage and crime may ask? Glow’s belly was stuffed full of poisonous spiders. Those eight-legged creepy crawlies had been dancing the Twist all through his guts. Soon as his cleaning lady gave his belly a poke, a swarm of them burst out of his mouth and spilled into the room. Now that’s what I call a bad case of indigestion. So now the daring detectives are scrambling to solve this whodunit and it seems they’ve struck a sensational snag – an overabundance of sinning suspects, each one of whom could be the guilty party.

So who clipped Glow?

For more research, check out The Stein & Candle Detective Agency Series, Vol. 1, available for only $0.99 until 7/8.


  1. What a fun idea for a blog hop! I'm in!

  2. Let's do this. It's been too long since I've worked my mental murder mystery muscles.

  3. I did a real life murder mystery event and it was fun so I'm done for this =)

  4. Thi sounds like so much fun :) I love creative hops, I'm in!