Monday, June 25, 2012

Murder Mystery Suspect - Senator Brighton of The Charge

The time has come! Sometime this week post your suspect for the Murder Mystery Blogfest. Just give us a general introduction. The detectives will send you interrogation questions later. All the details can be found here. This is a great opportunity to highlight the villain from your novel or create a suspect just for this.

I'll be using Senator Samuel Brighton, from my upcoming novel, THE CHARGE.

Apologies to Matthew McConaughey, but he's just too perfect.

From The Charge:

The man's voice from the doorway caused the fiery energy in the room to fizzle at once. Lena knew Senator Brighton's face well. Two years ago, his presidential campaign ads had been drilled into her consciousness so deeply that upon seeing him she could still hear him say, "I live for God, family, and country. I am every man." In her head, he was like his ads. An attractively weathered working man with a sparkle in his gray eyes and a full head of thick blond hair - with just the right touch of gray - sitting on a front porch or leaning up against a fence telling you he will make it all okay. He seemed like the father she had always dreamed about, strong enough to fight off the monsters and gentle enough to stroke your hair and comfort you after.
This man seemed so different it rattled her brain-washed subconscious. His face was almost purple and his pit stains stretched all the way down to his waist. She considered for a moment he might be having a heart attack. When he noticed Lena and Will he smiled broadly, wiped his hand on his slacks, and reached it out towards Will. Will shook it.
"It's a scorcher today," the Senator said. "I bet I could throw some steaks on the sidewalk and they would sizzle."
Will laughed in a way Lena wasn't familiar with. Convincing, but having heard the real thing, Lena knew it was fake. "Yes, sir," he said. "This is Lena Lowell."
"Why, of course." The Senator took her hand and actually kissed it like they were in an old movie. It took a lot of willpower for Lena to not wipe her hand on her shorts. "My dear, you are looking as pretty as a glass of ice cold lemonade."

Senator Brighton's press team says that the Senator is deeply saddened by the loss of Mr. Glow and that implications that he may have been involved in the man's death, are frankly, quite ridiculous. According to the Senator, "Lenny and I were close friends for many years. He was a fine business man and a pillar of the community. My condolences go to his wife. He will be missed."

Of course, some conspiracy theorists believe that the Senator may have been involved in Lenny's death. Anonymous sources say that the Senator had been in Lovely Lenny's pocket for years and Glow may have had information on the Senator that would have led to a scandal of epic proportions. So, was the Senator tired of doing Lenny's bidding? Or perhaps he shut him up before he could implicate him in his dirty doings. Is the veteran Senator above the law or can Stein & Candle get close enough to question him?

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  1. Nice! I like it. The "good" senator seems like an intriguing character.

  2. What a cool character. But I think there is more going on than meets the eye. I'm off to do a little of my own investigations.

  3. Love it! And Matthew McConaughey!

  4. Hmm I sense corrupt politics afoot!

  5. Ooh - slimeball senator? ...That's good and the picture of Matthew McConaughey is perfect. My suspect will be up Friday!

  6. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.