Saturday, June 30, 2012

Murder Mystery Suspect Senator Brighton Questioned

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The detectives have Senator Brighton of The Charge at the top of their suspect list. He may look like Captain America in his campaign ads, but people closest to him know that he's got some very dark secrets. Secrets that would make killing Lenny Glow look like a misdemeanor. And the detectives have already sniffed out the fact the Senator has done some backroom dealing with Lovely Lenny. So let's see what info they can get out of the good Senator...

The Senator stands to shake hands with the detectives as they enter. "I'm sorry to have kept you gentlemen waiting. I was just on the phone with my good friend the police commissioner. Good old Jack has got himself yet another grandbaby, that old dog."

"There is no reason to make a show of how well connected you are. Any Nancy Drew detective with a Hello Kitty notepad could figure that out. And frankly...sir...I've questioned a witch, a god, and a demon before lunch, so there is not much use trying to intimidate me."

"Well, alright. You're a man who gets to the point. I like that," the Senator said with the charm still thick. Only his eyes lost their sparkle.

"Lenny Glow has been funding your campaign for years and in return, you've looked the other way as he's bullied single moms and little old ladies out of their homes for his own personal gain."

"Oh, I don't know about that. I believe in free enterprise and Mr. Glow is a business man. As sad as it is when someone loses their home, that's just business sometimes. But I'm a sympathetic man, I contribute thousands of dollars a year to churches who help those poor indigents."

"This isn't a TV debate. I couldn't care one lick for your politics. This is about a murder. Now I couldn't help but notice....Lenny's campaign donations dried up this year."

"You don't really think I would kill a man because he stopped making campaign donations?"

"I couldn't say why you would kill a man. But no, that's not your motive. There is a reason Mr. Glow stopped funding your campaigns. He didn't need to. He stumbled on something more valuable than money. A secret. Something horrible. Something that could end your career and possibly even end your life. I don't know all the details, but it isn't hard to guess. I'm thinking you had more involvement in the genocide in Texas than you admit, and you sent your buddy to the firing squad for your crimes and you went back to the country club."

The Senator smiled, but it came out more like a sneer. "Careful, detective. That's quite an accusation. I don't take kindly to slander."

"Instead of doing Mr. Glow's bidding for free, you decided just to end his life."

"I hate to break it to you, but you're wrong. I'm a good Christian man, and I ain't saying I'm free of sin and I ain't saying that I didn't have my problems with Mr. Glow, but I don't practice witchcraft. If I wanted Mr. Glow dead, it wouldn't be death by spiders."


So the Senator has motive, but maybe not the means? But the detectives know better than to take the Senator at his word....


  1. I think it's the senator!!! Don't listen to him! :D

  2. I'm entering late, but I'm here now!

  3. Great interrogation. Really gave me a feel for Brighton's character or lack thereof. The Senator's quite a sleaze, isn't he?