Sunday, July 8, 2012

Buccaneer Blogfest Starts TOMORROW!

Leave your land legs at home, because the Buccaneer Blogfest is about to embark! This blogfest is open to all bloggers and want-to-be-bloggers who post about writing, books, publishing, and everything related. You can jump on board anytime during the duration of the fest. For all of the details, check out the original post here.


July 9th - Post an introduction about yourself. Be as creative as you like, but here are some possible things to include if you're not sure:
  • Tell us about your writing. What genres do you write? Where are you in the process...writing first book, already published, seeking publication...etc? If you're not a writer, tell us about your book/publishing interests.
  • Tell us about you. Where do you live? What sorts of things do you do besides write/read/blog?
  • I encourage you to include links to your other social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) so your crew mates can follow you. If there is no easy way to contact you on your blog, include your email so the person interviewing you can send you questions. I recommend having a contact me page anyway, so if you'd rather not post your email address - create a contact me page with a free service such as, make sure it's easy to follow your blog. If you use blogger, add the follow widget (if you're not sure what this is, I can help you).
  • Add the sign up linky at the bottom of this page to your first post. To do this click on "Get the code here...". If you use Blogger, you can insert this code by clicking "HTML" on the upper left hand of the screen when you are done writing you post. Paste the code at the bottom of all the other jibberish. If you use Wordpress, the code may not work so just link to this post or Courtney's post.
P.S. Remember on July 13th, you'll be posting an interview with the person signed up under you. Contact them with questions as soon as possible.

July 11th - Tell us about your blog. This may include:
  • How and when you started blogging
  • What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? Have these goals changed since you started?
  • Did anything surprise you about blogging?
  • If you're new to blogging, do you have any fears/concerns?
  • Any questions you might have about blogging that you want your crew mates to answer
  • Do you blog anywhere else? Include links so we can follow.
July 13th - Post an interview with the person signed up on the linky after you.
  • Contact them with questions near the beginning of the week so they have time to respond. If they don't respond to at least say they got your email within a a day or two, skip to the person under them.
  • To avoid confusion, only people who sign up on the linky before midnight on 7/8 will participate in this activity. That way, the last person signed up can contact the first person signed up without it changing if new people are added. UPDATE: If you signed up after the 8th the interview portion is optional. If you want to participate, go ahead and contact the person signed up after you. I'll make sure someone interviews Jessa. :)
  • Use their introduction blog post and other info from their blog to guide you on what kinds of questions to ask. 5-6 questions is usually good for a blog interview. If you want more ideas, here are some links:

Remember, during this week and throughout the fest, try to visit and comment on as many other blogs as you can. And remember to follow!


  1. I will try to be a good buccaneer, Roland, but this is a lot of posts! :-)

    1. Hi Roland, I know you've got a lot of stuff going on at your blog. Just post when you can!

  2. I could not contact PLAYFUYL CREATIVE so I am interviewing A. J. Locke this 13th.

    1. But wouldn't you, being 12th in the link, be interviewing Courtney Young, the 13th person, anyway?

      Or did I get it wrong who we are meant to be interviewing?

    2. Aldrea is correct. By "below you", I mean the next person sequentially.

  3. Just doing a double-check. People who signed up after the 8th are still not doing the review, or was that changed so the new joiners could participate?

  4. I included an update above about people who signed up after the 8th...