Thursday, July 5, 2012

Letter to my YA self

Today I'm visiting Krystal Wade's blog as part of the "Letters to my YA self" guest post series and I'm having a serious chat with this person....

Check it out here:

Speaking of Krystal Wade, did you know that her second book, Wilde's Army came out this week? And if you're new to the series, her first book Wilde's Fire is still $0.99 - but the price will go up in a few days so grab it now!


  1. I just checked it out Sharon. Loved it:-)

  2. Awesome work, Sharon :) Loved it. Just did a review on Wilde's Army on my blog if you wanted to spread the word :) x And if you need anyone else to do a YA letter count me in :) x

  3. I loved this, Sharon. Good advice all the way around I'd say.