Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stein & Candle Murder Mystery Winners!

Sorry for the delay in announcing the killers! But without further ado.... The fearsome duo that killed Lenny Glow was

DAMIEN created by Ben Chiles
ARIADNE created by Jessa Russo

There were many more fearsome suspects, and author Michael Panush selected some of his favorites:

My favorite: Damien from Story Multiverse. I definitely like the great way this combined the Noir archetype of the loser used car salesman who romances his female customers and gets no pleasure from it (very much in the style of Richard 'Junk' Junkins from Brian Azzarello's graphic Novel Filthy Rich) with a supernatural twist of a down-on-his-luck incubus. Some humorous asides in the interview (and Mort calling Weatherby 'kiddo') made Damien an appealing character. I'm happy to say that he's my favorite out of a great line-up of cool characters.

Most Fitting of the Period: Miss Eva Ray, from Courtney Young. Torch singers fit perfectly into the Noir World of Los Angles in the Fifties. This reminded me of James Ellroy's great short story 'Torch Song.' Also, the Frolic Pad sounds like the perfect post-war nightclub name.

Sleaziest: Ariadne from Jessa Russo. She appears to be a very nasty variant of the femme fatale -- more than willing to use her body to get what she wants and with a distinct lack of morals. She even tries flirting with fourteen-year-old Weatherby! I can easily imagine her as the villain in a Mickey Spillane story, or even as a close cousin to Frank Miller's 'Dame to Kill For' from Sin City. That puts her over the top in this category.

Weirdest: Karlie Spoonfest of Ink the Book. Despite the presence of gods and occult deities, Karlie Spoonfest still wins because she apparently owns a spider farm and she seems to think that's a normal business to own. That alone makes her the weirdest of the suspects.

The winners of the Rafflecopter drawing are:


As a special treat for being so devious, rafflecopter winners can choose from any TWO of the following prizes:

  • A first page critique by author Michael Panush
  • A two-pass query critique by Sharon Bayliss

And because all your villains were so delightfully evil, ALL participants who created a character for this blogfest will be given a free digital copy of Stein & Candle Detective Agency Vol. 1 or Vol. 2 (your choice). 

Everyone - to collect your prize, please comment below with your preferences (and email if I don't have it) or you may email me directly.

Thank you all for playing!


  1. Awesome! This was such a fun one to participate in! I can't wait to read all of Michael's stuff! Sooooo since I will receive the first volume as a gift for entering, I'd like to request Vol 2 and Dinosaur Jazz as my winning prizes! YAY! Thanks all!

    I'm sure Ariadne will be pleased to know that she won for being sleazy. lol

  2. I'm glad Karlie was s weird. I think.
    But I would like Vol. 2 because I have the others.
    Thanks for such a great contest. I think it was the most fun contest I have ever participated in!

  3. I'll second that comment. This was an awesome, fun, creative blogfest/contest.

    For my raffle prizes, I'll go ahead and take the ones money can't buy: the query critique by Sharon and the first page critique by Michael.

    For creating a character, I'll take Volume 2.

    P.S. Having a "woo!" moment here over Damien being so well-received overall. Good sign for whenever I get around to writing Elysian Fields.

    P.P.S. Hey Jessa! I was thinking that if we ever have time, it would be fun to write up a short piece revealing how and why Damien and Ariadne teamed up to commit the dirty deed.

    1. Yes, I kind of skipped over the detective summation. Sorry. Just because of brain fatigue.

  4. Ooh! Exciting! Thank you for hosting the bloghop! It was creative, fun and I really enjoyed reading everyone's entries! As for making decisions - which I'm terrible at! I'm going to go with Vol 1. for participating and the critiques from the Rafflecopter drawing because God knows I need them. ;) Thank you so much!

  5. What a fun bloghop! You have been having some good ones and I've missed them all:(
    I hope you're doing well!