Sunday, October 21, 2012

Haunted Writing Clinic Battle for Minions

Hello there, sweet minions. The time has come for you to be sorted into houses based on your unique evil characteristics. Because the super villains want to screw with your mind and make you paranoid, we'll be having a secret draft to pick minions. We won't ever tell you who was picked first and last, so you'll just have to obsess about it forever. However, you can feel good knowing that your super villain chose you at some point. :)

To make it easy for the super villains to pass judgement upon you, please post your polished query and first page again between now and Wednesday. If you're new to the contest, or for whatever reason haven't posted yet, you MUST post your query and first page before Wednesday if you would like a minion to mentor you.

We'll announce the teams on 10/24.

After minions are selected, your super villain will provide more detailed critique of your submission package offline and will be available to answer questions you have about writing, submissions, or publishing.

If you want your submission to be considered by the criminal mastermind judges, you'll need to email them to me by the witching hour on All Hallows' Eve (midnight CST the night of 10/31). I'll post closer to that date with more detailed instructions.

The team whose minions get the most requests will win bragging rights as villain supreme.


  1. Is it normal to be excited and terrified at the same time?
    Stoked for the 24th to hurry and get here! And I've never looked forward to Halloween as much as I do right now!
    Thanks for all the hard work put into this contest:)

  2. Your ability to cause cruel obsessions and tease us with this is unprecedented. You're my new hero. All posted as demanded by upper management of Super Villans, ma'am. *salute*

  3. And now I scramble to get MORE critiques on my query and new first page before Wednesday... =D

  4. Hi! I only now posted my first page. Got into a bit of unexpected trouble at preparing my first page, but it's up now. I hope it's not too late.

  5. My revisions are posted!
    yes, it's echoing in my ear....*sniff, sniff*

  6. I just posted mine tonight. I already had three other posts I needed to put up for Monday, so I couldn't put mine up on the first day.

  7. Thank you so much for doing this. Here is the link to my revisions:

  8. Feverish state be damned, I've posted mine. =D

  9. My revisions are posted at -
    This is a really fun event.

  10. I posted mine on Monday. Not much revising going on though, more putting query and first page in one post.
    The post says why. *shudder*

    Just waiting for tomorrow now.

  11. Debra, I can't find any post from you, but I know you used to have one. I'm happy to assign you to a team, I just wanted to make sure you're still playing.