Monday, October 29, 2012

Haunted Writing Contest - Call for Submissions

Alright minions, you've been tortured enough to make you just the right amount of crazy to be considered for Curiosity Quills Press. Now it's time to face the criminal masterminds! 

If you haven't yet, you can learn more about your judges here:

Jessa Russo - YA/NA
Andrew Buckley - Adult

Please submit your query and first page to before midnight CST on 10/31. (That's midnight of Halloween night).

Good luck! 


  1. Wow, is it that time already? Been having so much fun reading everyone's queries/first pages and seeing them evolve that I completely forgot there'd be an end to this.
    I wish luck to everyone who queries. Fingers crossed for all of you. ^_^

  2. Question: Should we address our queries to the criminal masterminds of our genre, just criminal masterminds in general, or no salutation?

  3. I know you probably want a more specific answer, but I think any of those would be okay. However, since you know their names, you might as well address the correct editor in the salutation. If you're NA/YA, you could say Dear Ms. Russo and Ms. Kubasiak.

  4. *Deep breath and shaky sigh* Here we go :) Thank you Sharon for hosting this. I have gathered a TON of great advice, so no matter what, I won! :)

  5. Thanks for hosting, Sharon. It was a GREAT clinic. I really perfected my first page. Still working on the query. ha ha

    Submitted today! Can't wait to see what happens! =)