Wednesday, October 24, 2012 to your assigned lair

The super villains have spoken and picked their minions. I'm sorry for the delay in posting this, my little minions at home were making things difficult for me today.

Without further ado...

Sharon Bayliss - The Dark Side (you know you want to come over)
Kelley Harvey*

James Wymore - Dark Brain, master of hypnosis, seeking Darkling minions
Rhiann Wynn-Nolet
Connie Michael

Court Young - The House of Gaunt (pure bloods only)
L.P. Hernandez

Dawna Raver - The Mystical Masters

Gerilyn Marin - The Phantom Court

Thea Gregory - The Zombie Culinary Institute

Mike Robinson - The Mighty Minotaurs of Metaphysics
Yolanda Renee

Krystal Wade - Frankenstein's Laboratory

*Kelley - Jessa already made a request from you, correct? I still want you on my team, but you won't count towards the team request count because that wouldn't be very fair! :)

If you're not listed here, then I couldn't find a Haunted Writing Clinic post from you. If I'm wrong, please let me know!! I'll email the teams soon with contact information and more instructions.


  1. Reporting for Minotaurial duty!

  2. Yay! So excited!!!! So, what's next!

  3. Phantom Court? Cool.

    By the way, my link goes to Carrie's blog. I've been so engrained in the phantom, that I have become invisible. ^_^

  4. Yay! Reporting for duty...and awaiting further instructions! =)

  5. Congrat's to all minion's. I had to bow out this time. I have a special project I need to focus on right now. Good luck to all!