Monday, November 12, 2012

EVER Title Contest - Vote for your favorites!

We have lots of great titles here to choose from! In comments, tell us which ones you like the most. Jessa Russo will be picking the final winners, but who knows, maybe you can convince her. Jessa's two favorites will win a free copy of EVER and a query critique. As an extra bonus, I'll also be picking two of my favorites and giving them a copy of the title of their choice from this list and and a query critique.

I didn't mention this rule earlier, but to make it even, I only put the first of your titles in the list if you listed more than one. If you want to switch which of your titles is in play, please let me know ASAP!

Extra super-duper bonus prize: Three published authors from Curiosity Quills Press wanted to jump in the ring (even though they can't win). The first person to tell me which titles belong to WIPs by Krystal Wade, Ayden Morgen, and Jessa Russo will also win a title of their choice from this list. Just put your answer in comments!

Dark One's Mistress, Fantasy

Elysian Fields, Adult Urban Fantasy

Broken Branch Falls, MG Fantasy

TENDERWOOD, YA, Dark Romantic Fantasy

The Grave Clothes Laundress, YA Paranormal 

Speechless, YA Contemporary/Fairy Tale Retell (Little Mermaid)

TENDRIL, YA Neo-Gothic Rapunzel retelling

Screamers YA urban fantasy

Shattered Secrets, a YA Thriller & Urban Fantasy

John Wayne Marshall's So Called "Sex Life" YA a comedic autobiography

Sibylline Nights, NA contemporary fantasy

Journey Through a Dark Forest: Lyuba and Ivan in the Age of Anxiety, historical fiction/family saga

Heirs of War, Crown of Flames, NA Fantasy (second book in the Heirs of War series)

Branded - NA Contemporary Dystopian.

Stricken (The War Scrolls: Book One), NA Urban Fantasy

Ocean Black, urban fantasy

Kentucky Rain, YA coming of age

DIVIDE, a YA mash-up of a fairytale redux and a gothic horror

The World Beyond the Window (YA Dystopic)

Once in Limberlost (YA Speculative Fiction)


  1. I vote for Ocean Black.

  2. I vote for Shattered Secrets and Heirs of War, Crown of Flames

  3. Hmmm... having finished EVER (loved it!), I'm hoping the second book is titled... BRANDED!

    My guess for the WIP for Jessa is DIVIDE.

  4. Tendril and Shattered Secrets have my votes.

  5. Well since Shattered Secrets is Krystal's WiP, Stricken is Ayden's, Divide is Jessa's and I can't morally vote for me ...

    I vote for Tendril.

  6. I vote for: The World Beyond the Window

  7. Congrats Aldrea for getting all three WIP's for our authors! Please tell me which book you'd like.

  8. "she didn't get mine ;-) hehe"

    Isn't it Branded? I seem to recall it being dsytopian.