Monday, November 12, 2012

Haunted Writing Contest Winners!

Now for the scariest post of all....


T. Loveless, The Air Maiden - Please send your full MS to andrew(at)

Yolanda Renee, Memories of Murder - Please send your full MS to andrew(at)

Brianna Schrum, Corrupted - Please send your full MS to kathleen(at)

Rhiann Wynn-Nolet, Tendril - Please send your first three chapters to jessa(at)

Natasha Hawkins, Ignite - Please send your first three chapters to jessa(at)


It's a draw! Each of the winners came from a different team. But I'll give evil props to Thea Gregory, Mike Robinson, Gerilyn Marin whose minions received full requests.

I guess that means we're equally evil. Re-match, maybe?

And our winners by default...

Kelley Harvey and Cat Scully from The Dark Side won full requests from Jessa Russo in GUTGAA during the course of the contest so were not eligible to enter this one because they had already won the prize! The fact that they were both on my team may be evidence that I was cheating when I picked my minions. Well...I am a villain after all. But for the record, I only knew about Kelley's request and not Cat's. :)

Winners, please send your submissions in an attached word document.

I want to thank you all for your participation! Even if you didn't get a request, I hope you got some helpful feedback and gained some good connections. Perhaps a different project will catch our editors' eye, so you're all invited to submit to Curiosity Quills again in the future if you have something new.

For more opportunities to connect with other authors, I encourage you to check out my other site, The Blog Tour Exchange. I'd love to keep working with you as blog tour hosts!


  1. Thank you SO much for running the clinic/contest! Congratulations to the other winners, and to everyone else-DO NOT GIVE UP! The more contests you enter, the more books you write, the more agents you query, the more likely you'll get there. I think maybe some of you already have gotten there...seems like lots of agents offering rep these days.

  2. Is it bad that I can't decide if I want to laugh or cry at my first full request?

    Thank you, to all who helped. And for EVERYONE's critique and advice.

    *deep breath* I can do this...

  3. What a fun contest! Thank you for hosting, Saron!

  4. Congrats to everyone who won and everyone who entered! Thanks to Curiosity Quills for putting on this contest and to all the villains who hosted the clinics! It was awesome! :)

  5. Congratulations you guys! And thank you Sharon & Curiosity Quills! I learned so much and made some great connections. What an amazing experience!

  6. Ah, that turned out as expected. Didn't have much hope for my mega-story, anyway. But I do have a better query for it. So win!

    And a big congratulations to all who got a request. ^_^

  7. I received so much help during the contest, I will forever be grateful. Even though I didn't submit my manuscript, I still enjoyed the writing community!

  8. Congrats! to everyone for such a fun experience. I am sad to be leaving the very inspirational group I got to work with. Thanks Sharon. Off to find another blog hop! Hope to see many of you there!