Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wildest Moments Blogfest - When in doubt, the answer is YES

My motto is, "When it doubt, the answer is YES." I'm a doer. I'm a risk-taker. When someone says, "Your mission if you choose to accept it..." I accept the mission even before they finish the sentence. That's how I got here. Writing a novel and submitting it to agents and editors is inherently a little wild. Yes, I will write that book in my head. Yes, I will share it with the world even though they may not like it. Yes I will!

As you might imagine, this philosophy has led to a life full of wild moments...and some Wilde moments. (Kate from The Darkness Falls series is distantly related to the Texas royal family from The Charge. At least I like to think so because they share the same last name). This blogfest has caused me to reflect on some of my wild moments, including the ones I really ought not to share publicly. At least I can say that I doubt that I'll have too many death-bed regrets.

The wild moment I'll share is when I decided to travel to Europe in college, even though I didn't have any money. At the time, the fact that I didn't have any money didn't feel like a problem. I had the opportunity to travel to Europe, so I said "yes" of course! I didn't think about anything else. I racked up debt on a credit card until I was maxed out and down to my last Euro. Because one Euro wouldn't help me much anyway, I played the Euro in a slot machine at a casino in Venice. With my last Euro, I won 80 Euro and was able to eat for a few more days.

Fortunately, I was there with friends, so I didn't really ever go hungry or sleep on the streets. But grown-up Sharon with a family and a mortgage is still in awe of my younger self, who did what she wanted to do regardless of financial consequences. And amazingly enough, grown-up Sharon thinks silly young Sharon did the right thing. I got the experience of a lifetime, and grown-up Sharon was happy to pay off that debt with her grown-up job.

Nowadays, I'm not quite so wild. You could even say I'm responsible. I'm quite proud to provide a stable life for my family, with just the right touch of wildness to make life interesting. But I still embrace the "yes" philosophy, and I'm glad I do. Without a little wildness, I would have never gotten a publishing contract. And I have plenty of wild experiences to pass on to my characters. :)


It's not too late to join the Wildest Moments Blogfest!

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All you have to do is blog about a time you did something wild, something life changing. Jumped from a perfectly good airplane? Quit your job to write full time? I’m looking for fun, heart-pumping, or inspirational stories that you have experienced. “Wilde” things you’ve completed on your quest to grow up or move on.

Don’t blog? Put the cover of WILDE’S MEADOW up on your FB wall, pin it on Pinterest, or change your twitter avatar to the cover. Use the words “Wildest Moments” somewhere to go with the picture and link back to this post. (I will still enter you to win a $15 Amazon Gift Card–or B&N–and all three Darkness Falls books on December 5th.) 

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  1. Haha. I like to think that they're related...blue fire for Kate, right? You with me? :-)

  2. Glad to see there is still a bit of wild inside. Works out well when it's mixed with a dash of responsibility and stability. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I wish I would've taken my wild moment to travel around Europe! We had already been in Ireland for 2 weeks with our friends and talked about going around Europe for another two weeks and staying at the youth hostiles, but I was already too responsible at 19 to go through with it!

  4. Oh wow that sounds like a trip and good luck on the slot! I bet it was life changing and so much fun. Glad you always had friends there to help you out so you were never too far in trouble.

  5. Nice one Sharon - I guess you have to take risks, finally wrote a post - http://britsintheus23.blogspot.com/2012/11/wildest-moments-blogfest-how-i-walked.html