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An interview with L. Blankenship, author of the Disciple series

Today, I welcome L. Blankenship for an interview about her six-part fantasy novel, Disciple. Disciple, Part I is available now and Part II comes out in April!

Tell us a little bit about your main character Kate. What do you admire most about her?

I admire her emotional courage. Personally, I tend to be detached and intellectual -- Kate isn't afraid to get involved. She picks herself up and heads back in (again) long after I would have thrown up my hands and walked away. 

In what ways is your main character like you? How is she different?

We share curiosity and a love of detail. And we both love reading, of course. 

Aside from what I mentioned above, Kate is also much more people-oriented than I am. Much more nurturing. I'm not noted for my nurturing abilities -- I can kill any potted plant. Really. Orchids? ("Thrives on neglect!") Dead. Cactuses? Dead. 

Did you find that it was harder to write Disciple I or Disciple II? Why?

Disciple, Part II has proven more difficult over the long run, and I'm glad I waited until I had finished all six parts to publish it. Part I is fairly self-contained. It's sort of a prologue, though it contains the inciting incident for the entire series. Part II has been trickier and it's largely Kiefan's fault. His long-range character arc has caused some trouble.

Can you give us a sneak peak of what types of posts we'll get to see from you in The World Building Blogfest?

While religion has its presence in Disciple, I did not go into great detail about it in the story. The term "disciple" relates to magic, not religion, in the Saints of War universe. In Wodenberg, religion, magic and civil authority are closely entwined. I'll try to tease it apart and talk about religion. Maybe spill into folklore a bit. 

What travel tips do you have for visiting the world of Disciple? What dangers should I watch out for? What sights should be on my itinerary? 

Tourism in Wodenberg is very much a neglected industry… I'm chuckling just thinking about it. Backpackers, mountain climbers, and nature photographers would probably enjoy it. If you're a beer enthusiast, you're in for a treat. You could spend a year on an epic brewpub crawl, sampling all their seasonal varieties. 

One must be careful of the wildlife: wolves, bears, cougars and such. Especially look out for the lamia, if you're on the slopes around Starknadel. Give their kir-fount a wide berth -- measured in miles. If you're a rock climber and you want to try the cliffs above Rukharbor, beware of the rukhs that live around the kir-fount there. 

Sights you should not miss include: Mount Woden, of course, and the city of Wodenberg. If you can climb Castle Kaltkern's watch towers, they say on a clear day you can see Suevia. Ride over to Knapptal to see Spiegel Lake and the twin towers on either shore, it's beautiful and romantic. Rukharbor has its cliffs, the fount is spectacular, and there's a hill figure on the slopes above -- a stylized right whale named Keto, who's said to bring good luck. (See: Uffington White Horse)

Sounds like a beautiful and developed world. Thanks for being here!

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