Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Charge Cover Reveal

I've been waiting for this day for a long time, and I'm so thrilled to get to share the cover for my debut novel, The Charge, to release on 3/2/13! As a special sneak peak, I'm sharing the excerpt that inspired the cover:

A thunderstorm brewed on the horizon . . . not a normal thunderstorm. The clouds towering above the Earth were a deep black, pulsing with lighting flashes that looked almost blue. Warren's heart skipped a beat as he saw a dark-haired man appear at the top of the stairwell outside the room. But it was just Jack. He opened the door, letting in mosquitoes and the earthy smell of the impending storm, and handed them greasy looking brown bags.
Lena pulled back the foil and sniffed.
"Just eat it," Jack said before she could comment.
"What's the deal with those clouds?" Warren asked Jack.
"Thunderstorm," Jack said simply.
Jack moved next to Warren and peered out at the storm like he was looking at a complex mathematical equation. He opened the window. The air that blew in had already grown colder. Jack put his hand out the window and waved it around like he was searching for a lost object in water.
"Does it feel different to you?" Jack asked Warren.
Warren nodded. Jack looked back at the sky and looked . . . scared. It made Warren even more freaked out than he already was. Jack didn't seem to ever have any emotions about anything, so if he was worried about this, it was something to be worried about.
"Dear god," Jack said. "That son of a bitch did it."
"Who did what?" Warren asked.
"Never you mind," Jack said.
"I think I can feel it, too," Lena said. "The wind feels prickly. Is that normal?”
Jack continued to stare at the storm. "Severe weather is more common in Texas because of the Blue Energy in the air impacting the climate," Jack said. "But that is not normal."
The more Warren looked at the storm, the more terrified he felt. He couldn't say why, but this one evoked a feeling in him that would have fit more with seeing black smoke towering over his home or a mushroom cloud. It was a sign of something bad. The core of the storm was so dark it could have been a hole in the sky where he could see deep space peeking through. The edges were bluish purple, like a bruise. The lighting was hitting the ground now and it definitely was . . . blue. It didn't hit in single strikes, but spanned large portions of countryside in a web of spindly fingers.
"When I was a kid, I remember my mom telling me that the Wildes created the storms," Lena said. "I always pictured a guy in a cloud shooting lighting out of his hands, like Zeus."
"Yeah, well, you were a kid," Jack said. "I think that a lot of Americans still think that."


Here's a little more about what The Charge is all about...

What if Texas never joined the United States, and instead became it's own nation?

In The Charge that's exactly what happened. In the 1830s, the Republic of Texas was taken over by a dictator with superhuman powers who named himself the first King of Texas. Almost two hundred years later, the Texas Empire has fallen into ruin, but the story of the Texas royal dynasty is far from over.

College freshman Warren King wants nothing more than to enjoy a beer by the pool on his summer break...but that's not what fate has in store for him. When Texas soldiers kidnap his little brother, he embarks into a still-wild West to save him. While fumbling through a search attempt in the lawless Texas Empire, he makes a discovery that changes his life forever. He and his brother are estranged members of the Texas royal family and the King wants them both dead. Now Warren must save his brother and choose whether or not to be King, follow a King, or die before he can retire his fake ID.

The Charge was a quarterfinalist for the 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and won a Publisher's Weekly review:

"A solid cast of well-developed characters, including a “super-tall” royal Texan family, stars in this thrill ride of a novel teetering between sci-fi adventure and alternate historical epic...Easily shifting between characters’ perspectives, and relentless in its action, well-placed humor, and suspense, this manuscript is a delight."

The Charge will be available in digital and print formats from Curiosity Quills Press on Texas Independence Day, 3/2/13. Go to for updates.

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