Thursday, January 31, 2013

Worldbuilding Blogfest - Blue Energy and You

Today is day 3! Or yesterday was...sorry I'm a little late today. Today I'd also like to announce the details of the excerpt contest. Everyone is encouraged to post an excerpt on Friday whether you want to enter the contest or not, but if you are interested in entering to win a full manuscript critique, this is what you do:

Email an excerpt of 1000 words or less to sharonebayliss(at) by the end of the day on Monday 2/4. Don't worry about time zones, if it's still Monday anywhere I'll accept your entry. :) I'll be offering a full manuscript critique to the author of the excerpt that I believe best demonstrates worldbuilding. I'll also post the winning excerpt on my blog along with my commentary. 

Although how compelling your world is will play a part in my decision, I'm more interested in the best execution of worldbuilding. I'm especially interested to see worldbuilding demonstrated in active scenes, as opposed to just paragraphs of description. 

Good luck! I look forward to reading!

Wednesday 1/30
Religion and/or magic

I don't have to tell you that beliefs can shape our worlds and our characters. And if your world has fantasy elements, you may have to even re-write some of the laws of physics for your world. 

Post ideas:
-Describe the religious beliefs in your world. Do they believe in God? An afterlife?
-If an afterlife exists, tell us what lies in the great hereafter.
-Highlight a/the God from your world
-Share an excerpt from a religious text, prayer, or song
-Describe a religious/spiritual/magical ceremony
-Is there more than one religion in your world? How are they different? How do they get along?
-If magic exists in your world, what are it's limitations?
-Describe how to conduct a magic spell in your world
-Highlight a magical creature in your world. What powers does it have?
-How does the beliefs of your world impact your story and your characters? How would they be different if they had different beliefs?


For today, I will feature a mock excerpt from a health textbook directed towards young members of the Texas royal family. Although it's presented here as more scientific than magical, Blue Energy has significant spiritual components as well. It depends on who you ask about Blue Energy. Some will only describe the science. Others would say that Blue Energy isn't explained by science, and is purely a spiritual phenomenon.

Blue Energy and You

You certainly know by now, that as a member of the Wilde family, you are very special. Due to a force known as Blue Energy, your brain works better than the brains of normal humans. You have the capacity to think faster, be more creative, and perceive the world more deeply.

But why?

Blue Energy is the common term used for the increased bioelectricity in the bodies of all people with Wilde DNA. Bioelectricity is electricity derived from living tissue. Some people think that only Wilde's have bioelectricity, but that is not correct. All living creatures have bioelectricity, we just have more. Electrical impulses send messages through the brain and because we have increased bioelectricity, our brain sends messages faster and we are able to utilize more of our brain tissue.

Without these electrical impulses, life would not exist at all. Because of this, we believe that bioelectricity is the essence of life itself, sometimes called "the soul". Although this electricity leaves our human bodies when we die, your Blue Energy never dies, it transfers into the atmosphere.

Where did we come from?

Wildes have extra Blue Energy because of a mutation in our DNA. Because the Blue Energy phenomenon has existed since at least the early nineteenth century, we assume that the mutation was an act of God and not deliberately created by man, as man did not have the technology at the time. However, the origin of our mutation is not fully understand and often contested, even among members of the family.

What does this mean for me?

Sometimes you may not like being different, but having Blue Energy is a very good thing. Although you may experience some strange sensations, these are normal. Talk to an adult you trust about what you are feeling.


  1. This Blue Energy sure sounds like an interesting ... phenomenon. Not sure if it's something I want to be saddled though.

    One question about the excerpt: does the blog-posted excerpt still have to be 1000 words if we are emailing it to you later?

    1. Good question. No, you can post any length excerpt on your blog.

  2. And another, related question: does the excerpt we e-mail you have to be the same one we post Friday? I think my best one is the start of one I've been blogging for six sentence Sunday, but I hesitate to use it for the blogfest since it's already on the blog. But it might work better for the contest.

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  4. The Blue energy and Wilde DNA genetics are very interesting. This read like an authentic, real-world genetic mutation. :)

    Sharon- I did not realize that this was a bloghop that involved several consecutive days. I am so sorry, I must have misinterpreted the instructions from the original post. If you want to take my name off the list, I'm okay with that since presently, I can't blog everyday (I'm in school and working). Thanks.

    Shaharizan Perez

    1. Hi Sharharizan,

      Don't worry about it! Not everyone in the hop is doing every day. You can do only one day if you wish.

  5. Very interesting and compelling premise. I just realized that my first book talks about gods and religion and I couldn't answer half your questions above. This post has proved 100% enlightening.

  6. Love the blue energy and your story.

    Thanks for hosting this blog hop, it's been enlightening, and it's made me really delve into the world of my NANO novel. Something I did not do during November, but now have three new ideas for novels based on my new world

    A truly awesome journey through all the other participants too, such imaginations and ideas.
    You are to be commended for the idea and the work you've put in getting to all participants. KUDOS!

  7. Some very interested ideas there. I'm intrigued as to what it all means to the wider world.

  8. I can't wait to read The Charge!