Friday, February 1, 2013

Worldbuilding Blogfest - Happy Texas Pride Day

Have fun today! Raise a glass. Sample some local cuisine. It's day 4 of the fest - food, drink, holidays, & culture.

Thursday 1/31
Food, Drink, Holidays, & Culture

Let's have some fun today! It's time to party in the style of your world.

Post ideas:
-Tell us about a holiday from your world. How is it celebrated?
-Tell us about a popular dish or even a recipe.
-Tell us about a popular drink in your world.
-Describe the common attire for the people in your world.
-Does your world have music? Art? Dance? Tell us about it.
-If your world has television, what is the most highly rated show? Why is it popular? You could do the same with a popular book, movie, song, or pop icon.
-How do the people of your world celebrate birthdays, weddings, or funerals?
-Create an product advertisement that might exist in your world.


In the real world, March 2nd is Texas Independence Day, and the release date for The Charge. Texas Independence Day celebrates the adoption of the Texas Declaration of Independence which created the Republic of Texas in 1836.

In the alternate Texas Empire, March 2nd is known as "Texas Pride Day" and it also celebrates Texas's independence From Mexico and the founding of the Republic of Texas, which later became the Texas Empire.

Texas Pride Day is celebrated much like real world Americans celebrate Independence Day. They shoot fireworks, eat BBQ, drink beer, and generally have a good time. Of course, instead of waving the American flag, they wave the blue and white Texas Empire Flag.

However, you may see some red too. Texas revolutionaries (who wish to overthrow the monarchy) will tie red ribbons to trees, balconies, lamp posts, and anywhere else they can find. The red ribbon is the symbol of Texas freedom.

To celebrate Texas Pride Day, may I suggest some real local brews that I'm sure would exist in alternate Texas too. :)

Independence Pale Ale of Independence Brewing Co. - Austin, TX

Alamo Golden Ale of Alamo Beer Company - San Antonio, TX

Battle Line Brown Ale of the Texian Brewing Co. - Washington-on-the-Brazos, TX

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