Friday, March 1, 2013

The Charge Blog Tour Starts Today!

It's really, really, really close now! I don't know the exact time that The Charge will go up on Amazon but my publisher is submitting it soon and hopefully it will appear by early tomorrow morning. Don't worry though, I'll be shouting it from the mountain top when it goes live, I doubt you'll miss it. :)

I've been through a roller coaster week which included several freak-outs, but now I just feel like celebrating. My dream has come true! I think I'm going to go out tonight and drink something blue in honor of The Charge.

I'll be all over the internet in the coming weeks. Here are my blog appearances for week #1. Please stop by and say hi!

 photo 1f05a5bc-4ea0-4fe5-8c0b-f9f487086b90_zpsf1319e8a.jpg

Schedule for Week #1
3/1 - Author Interview at The Language of Once Upon a Time
3/2 - Chapter One of The Charge on the Curiosity Quills Blog

3/3 - Interview at the Fiction Reboot
3/4 - Writing alternate history – It's not for pansies on Katie Teller's Blog
3/4 - Oklahoma: The Worst Place on Earth on the blog of Oklahoman Rebekah Loper
3/5 - An audio reading from The Charge on Charity Bradford's blog
3/6 - A Simple Guide To Re-Writing History on Eliza Tilton's Blog
3/7- Twitter Party 6-8pm CST at #CQChat
3/7 - The Lone Star: Symbolism in The Charge - Guest Post with Michelle the Symbologist

By the way, I haven't forgotten that I owe you winners from The Worldbuilding Blogfest Contest! Having a blogfest before your release seems like a good idea, but I've been a little distracted. I've read through the entries and just need to pick a winner, now that will be good distraction for me so I have something to do besides refresh novelrank. :) I hope to post winners soon.


  1. Congratulations! My contribution to the celebration will be a release day review. ;)