Thursday, July 4, 2013

Guest Post by Jack Craven of The Charge

I'm starting a series of posts on Thursdays especially for fans of The Charge!

Today, I would like to welcome Dr. Jack Craven, a character from The Charge. He is here to explain what Blue Energy is, and what it is most certainly not.

Mythology related to the phenomenon of "blue energy" abounds in popular culture, and even the members of the Wilde family themselves have misguided beliefs about what blue energy is and what it means to have it.

Blue Energy is the common term used for the increased bioelectricity in the bodies of all people with Wilde DNA. Bioelectricity is electricity derived from living tissue. One common misconception is that only Wildes have bioelectricity, but that couldn't be further from the truth. All living creatures generate bioelectricity, Wildes simply generate more.

Our increased bioelectricity is fact, and I'm certainly not here to contest it. The issue at hand is not it's existence, but what it's existence means. Wilde parents will often tell their children that bioelectricity is the essence of life itself, or "the soul". It is the part of us that goes on living after our flesh bodies perish.

I personally do not believe in the soul, but that's not the real problem here. The problem is that when Wilde parents tell their children that Blue Energy is the soul, it implies that Wildes have a stronger or greater soul than other humans. This dangerous belief has given the Wilde family a God complex for generations.

In addition, Wildes often consider our increased bioelectricity to be a superpower of sorts, or "God's will". It is true that our affliction has benefits. The increased bioelectricity in our brain sends messages faster and we are able to utilize more of our brain tissue. However, this is merely an accident of nature. Blue Energy comes from a mutation in our DNA, just like any inherited disorder. We're not special, we're broken.

The Wilde family is at the brink of a new age. We have the opportunity to re-define ourselves and I strongly urge my "brethren" to make this new age and age of reason and humility.


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