Friday, September 20, 2013

Big news! I just signed a publishing contract for my next novel.

I am thrilled to announce that I just signed a publishing contract! My sophomore novel, Destruction, will be published in 2014 by Curiosity Quills Press. Destruction is the first in a four book series about a family of dark wizards living in Houston.

David Vandergraff wants to be a good man. He goes to church every Sunday, keeps his lawn trim and green, and values God, family, and country. Unfortunately, being a dark wizard isn't a choice.

David loves his wife and kids more than anything, but he can't forget his other ones. Eleven years ago, his secret second family went missing, and no one knows about his loss. When he gets the call that his children have been found, he learns that their stepfather brutally abused them for years and then murdered their mother in front of them. Ready to make things right, David takes custody of his children even though it could mean losing the wife he can’t imagine living without.

Keeping his life together gets even more complicated when David's two missing children claim to be dark wizards and say that their mother and stepfather were dark wizards as well. David believes the children just use this fantasy to cope with their trauma, until David’s conservative Christian wife, Amanda, admits a secret of her own. Amanda tells David that they are both dark wizards, along with all of their children.

Now, he must learn to parent two hurting children from a dark world he doesn’t understand and try to keep his family from falling apart, all while dealing with the realization that everything he loves, including himself, may be evil.

Watch out for updates like the cover reveal and release date announcement on the new Destruction Facebook page HERE.

....and if you're wondering, I am also working on the sequel to The Charge, which will be titled, The Madness.


  1. Congratulations, Sharon! You're on a roll.

  2. Ooh, love your blurb, Sharon! I can't wait to read it, and sooo glad you went with CQ. They are lovely, aren't they?

  3. congrats! Great premise, too!

  4. congratulation hun, that is great news.

  5. Congratulations! And it sounds like an intriguing story.

  6. YAY!!! Congrats :-)

  7. Congrats! 'Destruction' sounds fabulous, I can't wait to read it!