Friday, September 6, 2013

Meet Tara Tyler - coffee drinker, mom, and author of Pop Travel

Welcome, to the first half of an interview between myself and Tara Tyler as we conduct a two-way interview! Tara and I are interviewing each other on our blogs, half here and half at her place... Listen in as we start our chat! (Plus a cute picture on each blog!)

So, Sharon, thanks for having me over! I'm enjoying a yummy Heathbar Dunkin Donuts Kcup of coffee, what are you drinking?

That sounds really delicious. I'm drinking green tea with mint, but I'm more of a coffee girl. Too much so, which is why the green tea.

I just started reading Pop Travel, and although pop travel clearly has its drawbacks, it does sound kind of nice, too. If you could pop anywhere right now, where would you go?

Wow, I'm pretty wary of popping, myself! But I would pop to visit my parents and do book signings with all my friends all over the US!

Aww...popping back home. I like it. 

I've started reading The Charge. I love the alternate world where Texas has a King and has fought against the US! Plus the electric powers some of them have - wild! What gave you the idea for this book? (I know it's a traditional question, but your concept is so unique!)

It seems like a simple question, but I always have trouble with that one. There wasn't anything specific that gave me the idea for The Charge. It was just the product of lots of daydreaming to entertain myself that morphed into a book idea. Of course, I live in Texas and have magic electric powers, so that was probably part of it too.

Tell me about your main character in Pop Travel. What do you like best about him? What are his flaws?

Magic electric powers?! Are you a super hero in disguise? All I have is shock value. Ha!

My MC, Cooper is a great guy to root for. He has a tragic past that changed him from positive & outgoing to pessimistic & cynical. But he still defends those who need him and takes the obstacles thrown at him in stride. Love to talk about Coop!

I'd like to hear more about Lena! I love that she is dating the prez's son!

Lena's parents died in the bomb that nearly obliterated Texas and took down their government. Now, she's dating the son of the man who may have been responsible for the bombing. What I love about Lena is that she never takes the easy road. She stands by her beliefs and is bold enough to say anything to anyone.

Since you love to talk about Coop, here's another one. What do you and Cooper have in common? Would you get along if you knew each other in real life?

(for the second half of the interview and a cute pic of my boys, pop over to Tara's blog)

Cooper thought he could get through
life without having to pop...
Pop Travel by Tara Tyler
A tale of deception and teleportation.

When a distraught client enters J.L. Cooper's small town detective agency ranting about a pop travel teleportation cover up, Cooper takes the case. He blames pop travel indirectly for his wife's death and would love to expose a glitch in it.

But the glitch turns out to be disintegrating travelers. And now, his client is dead, his secretary is missing, and a hitman is stalking him. Plus there's all the webcams watching his every move. So, Cooper has to find a way to expose the deadly flaw, while using pop travel to escape the maniacs covering it up, not to mention save a couple of tag-alongs he's not sure he can trust. No problem.

Available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble
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After having a hand in everything from waitressing to teaching math to rocket engineering Tara Tyler now writes and teaches in Ohio with her three active boys and Coach Husband. In addition to her novels, she has published short stories and poetry in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller, and Humor. So many stories to tell!

And here's a cute pic of Tara's boys (from 2006!)


  1. Awesome interview. I love the trade off! Unique!

    You both Rock!

  2. thanks for coming over, Yolanda!

    and Sharin, i had fun with our interview! thanks for joining me & my tour!