Saturday, December 28, 2013

Review of COPIED by S.M. Anderson

I was excited about this book. It's a sci-fi YA with a genetically engineered male lead, just like The Charge! And, Copied, didn't let me down. It was exciting and interesting at the same time, with memorable characters.

When Xan is framed for starting a fire that seriously injures his best friend, he loses all his old friends, and instead gravitates towards the uber-smart, Lacey, believing that she may have answers. Together they investigate the arson to find the true culprit. What they find surprises both of them. Xan did start the fire...or someone who looks exactly like Xan.

Xan's parents admit that he was adopted off the black market, and that he may have been part of a multiple birth. Xan and Lacey learn that the truth is not that simple. Xan is a clone, and another clone, Beta 23, has been sent to kill him.

In this book, I especially enjoyed the relationships between Xan, Lacey, and Beta 23. Lacey is a fantastic female lead. She's smart and far from cliche. Also, about halfway through the book, we delve deeper into Beta 23's character, and see him struggling on the edge of humanity. Somewhat robotic and flat at the beginning, Beta 23 ends up becoming the most interesting character in the book.

Although fast-paced and exciting, the book covers lots of interesting issues related to genetic engineering, and nature vs. nurture, and the definition of humanity. And if her science wasn't accurate, it certainly fooled me! :)

This is the type of novel that can be enjoyed by young people and adults alike. Since it features a male lead, this is one of the rarer YA books that would be a good pick for a boy. Also, the story is clean--no profanity, no sex, and limited violence--so, you can feel comfortable recommending it to almost anyone.

Well done, Sarah! Copied is available in e-book and paperback now.

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  1. what an exciting story! i love the concept - and i love ya sci fi! good luck!

    and happy new year, sharon!

  2. Love the cover and premise. Going on my TBR list!

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