Friday, January 24, 2014

Two Truths and a Lie: The 18 Truths Blogfest

It's time to play! Check out the Can You Handle The Truth blogfest from Jamie Ayres, to celebrate the upcoming release of 18 Truths, the sequel to 18 Things.

So, you know the game! I'll give you three statements about myself. You tell me which one is true. Then go post your own on your blog or on Facebook!

1) Both George Bush Sr. and George W. Bush attended my high school graduation.

2) On the day I graduated from college, I stabbed a knife all the way through my hand.

3) I once totaled my car by driving into waist deep water covering the road.

Comment and tell me which one you think is the lie!

Thanks for the fun blogfest Jamie!

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  1. I'd like to believe it is #2 but I'm going with #3.

  2. I seriously hope it's number 2 that's the lie because OUCH!!!!!!!!

  3. I am going for #2 as it sounds too horrible to be true.

  4. I'm guessing #2 is the lie. I'm hoping it is, although I expect this could have been a terrible accident and I've been misled!

  5. Today is the day to reveal the truth! I'm sorry guys, I'm afraid #2 is true. #3 is the lie. #3 actually happened to a friend of mine. I was just the one in the passenger seat who said the water didn't look deep and it would probably be fine. :) As for #2, it's not quite as gruesome as it sounds. At least, I had a normal human reason. I made a crucial mistake while trying to de-pit an avocado and yes, sent the knife all the way through my hand.

  6. Yikes, Sharon! Sorry I didn't comment earlier . . . I could've sworn that I did! Thanks for playing :-)