Monday, February 3, 2014

Review of Sci-Fi Anthology, Edge of Oblivion

I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of Edge of Oblivion, a collection of sci-fi and fantasy short stories. Even though I got an ARC, I was happy to purchase a copy as well since all the proceeds go to The Cystic Fibrosis Trust. If this anthology didn't benefit charity, it would still certainly be worth your time. It's full of all sorts of sci-fi goodness ranging from hard sci-fi, to horror, to dystopia, and even some magical realism, from a variety of talented authors.

LOVE the cover!
These are the type of stories that aren't afraid to be really out there, in a good way, of course. They were bizarre, scary, twisted, and dark. It felt like it could have been a dream journal, full of all the best and most disturbing dreams.

My favorite story was Jingle, Jingle by Keri Knutson. This story creeped the hell out of me, but it was more than just a creepy story. She managed to create dimensional, believable, likable characters in the space of only a few pages, with realistic dialog that propelled the story. You cared about the characters enough to make the horror all the more frightening. I've never really considered buying and Elf on the Shelf, but now I definitely will not! If you already have one in your attic, this might not be the best story for you to read. :)

I also really enjoyed The Torch Singer by Nathan Yocum. It was strange, but beautiful. Lyrical, with dramatic imagery. All in all, a well-crafted story that stuck with me.

So, check out this awesome new anthology!


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