Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Tribute To Spring Wizards

A depiction of how I imagine Samantha Carthage...

Happy Spring Equinox! In fact this post was scheduled for the exact moment when the sun crosses the equator, which was 11:57 am in central daylight time.

The spring equinox is the most important day of the year for spring wizards. It's a day to celebrate life, hope, and triumph over darkness. Aside from the copious partying, feasting, and getting it on, on the spring equinox, spring wizards will conduct rituals to celebrate life. Many of these rituals can be completed by Mundanes, so feel free to get in on the party. Most importantly, get away from that computer! Spend time with people you love, get out in nature, and say a prayer of thanks for miracle of live and survival through adversity. Some good non-magical rituals to celebrate life are planting seeds or bulbs, meditating outdoors, and a spring wizard favorite...have sex to celebrate conception. And, don't worry, spring wizards use sex to celebrate life and creation regardless of desire or ability to make a baby. ;)

Very recently, I started writing book 3 of The December People Series, which focuses on the spring. Even at less than 15,000 words in, I'm already surprised and impressed by my spring wizards. Spring wizards are often misunderstood and disrespected by other wizards, especially the summer and winter. If summer and winter wizards agree on anything, it's that they enjoy making fun of spring wizards. They consider spring wizards to be flighty, spacey, prone to new-agey type nonsense. They are rarely taken seriously or considered to be any sort of threat. If you're a Potter fan, think of them as the Hufflepuffs.

However, spring wizards are more than just party loving flower children. In fact, one of the exciting and interesting thing about spring wizards, is that they can be complete wild cards, you never know exactly what to expect. Just like spring days, spring wizards can be almost anything. They can be unseasonably warm, unseasonably cold, stormy, or an absolute prefect 72 degrees and sunny. And, sometimes the same wizard can be all of those things at once.

Spring wizards are also a lot more powerful than many people realize. They carry the power of life--the most sacred, miraculous, and resilient force in the universe. Here is how Samantha describes in spring wizards in Destruction:


"What's the only thing that can break the winter?" Samantha asked.

"What?" Patrick asked.

"The spring, of course."

Patrick laughed. "That's awesome."

"We're the toughest wizards. No matter how cold or long the winter, we break through the ice. Every single year, since the dawn of time."

"And you look pretty when you do it, too. All covered in flowers."


I can't wait to show you everything spring wizards can do in book 3 of The December People Series. In the meantime, have a lovely and vital spring equinox!

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