Friday, March 21, 2014

Interview with Katie Hamstead, author of the Kiya Trilogy

I am very pleased to welcome Katie Hamstead, author of the Kiya Trilogy, to talk about the series finale, KIYA: Rise of a New Dynasty.

1) I can imagine that it's very bittersweet to end a series. How are you feeling about saying goodbye to the Kiya trilogy?
Yes, it is bittersweet. Kiya has been a wonderful journey and has taught me so much. I couldn't have asked for a better series to debut with. But I do feel ready to move to the next stage of my writing endeavors and explore what else I can do.

2) Which of the three books was the hardest to write and why?
Book 2. With a great deal of time to fill and not much going on within the timeline that Naomi saw on her own, I had to use a great deal of filler. It ended up being a butt load of character and plot development to create a bridge between books 1 and 3.

3) As the series went along did any of the characters or plot turns surprise you? Or did you have it all plotted out beforehand?
Honestly, Horemheb and Tut took a life all of their own. They did quite a few things I didn't anticipate when I first thought up the series, especially Horemheb who was only supposed to be a minor character. I guess he really didn't like that idea!

4) I know that some of your recent and upcoming works (Branded, Deceptive Cadence) are contemporaries. What will you miss and not miss about writing historical fiction?
I will miss diving into the research of times long past, but I definitely won't miss the criticism that often gets down right mean. I love history, and when I write hist fic I just want to tell a story to provoke interest in times long forgotten. I will miss learning about people who have laid silently in their graves for hundreds, even thousands of years ad wondering what their life could have been like. But there is safety in Contemp/alternate world fiction that you don't have to please fanatics in the same way.

5) I for one am very excited about Deceptive Cadence. I still remember reading and loving your query from way back when. Can you tell us a little bit about it?
Deceptive Cadence is the first of two books. I had meant for it to be one, but Cadence and her gaggle of family and friends made me split it in two. It's a story of mending your past to make the future brighter. Right at the beginning, you find Cadence in deep grief after discovering her husband and 18 month old have died in a freak earthquake. This is her driving motivation, trying to prevent their deaths. But as a bonus, she has the chance to repair other relationships along the way, relationships long lost, or crumbled through neglect. But most importantly, the learns about herself, who she is, and how one little life can change so many.

6) And, finally, presuming you're a wizard...what kind of wizard are you? (Summer, Spring, Winter, or Fall)
Ohhhh hard one... I'd say fall. I'm pretty upbeat, but I have a dark side too. ;-)

Update: Katie did take the wizard quiz and did in fact get fall. :)

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  1. Thanks for hosting me today, Sharon! And good luck with Destruction. It's an awesome book... series... send me book 3...