Saturday, March 22, 2014

Looking for an agent? Check out #NestPitch!

I'm participating in #NestPitch this year as a mentor, and you should check it out! Here is the info from

"There’s a special Easter tradition throughout central and northern Croatia – making Easter Nests. On the afternoon or eve of Easter Saturday children go out into the garden and collect leaves, grass, twigs, flowers and then make a “nest” for the Easter Bunny – that’s where he places his Easter-Egg-Presents. The children go to bed that eve wondering if the Easter Bunny will like or love their nest, because the best nest gets the best and biggest eggs!

#NestPitch is based on this idea where an author’s ‘pitch’ is the nest and the Easter Treats are the Agents requests.

But wait, there’s more.

The Agents ‘wear’ Secret Agent Bunny Masks so when they visit your pitch, you’ll not know which agent has liked your Nest Pitch enough to leave you a Treat.

So how does it work?

This will be an annual event and will (naturally) depend on when Easter falls each year.

This year (2014), the submission window will open on April 1st.

Once Submissions are closed, firstly the SLUSH BILBIES will go through the submissions and pick the top 100-120

Then the NEST BLOGGERS will each pick eight of their best and brightest NESTS and post on their Blogs.

This year there are NINE BLOGGERS, that’s 72 opportunities!

After that, the SECRECT AGENT BUNNIES will jump from blog site to blog site & leave their Easter Treats.

But wait; there’s still more!

We also have MAGIC BUNYIPS!

Magic Bunyips are Agents who didn’t get a disguise, but after lurking around the blogs, they liked a few nests so much that they too leave a a treat or two.

For more information, and for more clues and surprises as well as a list of the Bloggers, the Bilbies and The Agents check out the posts and follow us here so you’ll always be updated."

Now...go check out all the rules and see the agents participating here.

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