Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My current work in progress

Today is the last week in a writer's blog hop I'm participating in! Click the image to join. Yes, you can join at the very end! :)

This week we're supposed to talk about our work(s) in progress. Honestly, that question makes my head hurt a little. In the first thirty two years of my life, I published a total of ONE novel. And, that seemed to fill a surprisingly large amount of time.

However, in 2014-2015, my goal is to publish FOUR novels, each of the novels in The December People Series. The release date for book one is 4/14/14, so that's pretty much signed, sealed, and delivered, but there is a lot of work to do to prepare for the release, so it definitely still feels like a work in progress!

I recently completed book 2 and sent it to beta readers. Soon, I'll probably be working on some edits.

And, I'm currently writing book 3. Since none of the books are even out yet, I don't want to say too much about this WIP because that would involve spoilers! However, I will say that each book centers around one of the four seasons. Book 3 is spring, and I've been enjoying embracing my springtime self. And for once, the timing is perfect. I love watching spring gradually trickle in around me as the story progresses.

So, I'm marketing one book, editing another, and writing a third. That's a lot more than I'm used to! But, so far anyway, I haven't lost my mind. It helps that I am hopelessly in love with The December People Series. I don't think I could stop writing if I tried.


  1. I don't know how you do it. I've just sent my last book to my agent and it will go on submission in April (WHICH IS NEXT FREAKING WEEK) I'm beta-ing and blogging and working my day job and writing my WIP MG. I'm also, as we speak, playing animal orphanage with my littlest. She is tapping her toes while I type this, waiting till I can be 'customer #1' again. And that's still nowhere near publishing and marketing 4 books in 12 months. Girl, I bow down to you. Oh, I'm doing one other thing. I'm reading DESTRUCTION right now and loving it. Can't wait to review it on my blog soon!

    1. Hey Alex! Good luck on submission! That's exciting! For the record, by 2014-2015, I meant 4 books in 24 months. lol But we'll see how it goes. It sounds like you know how I feel. I have to do a lot of my writing standing up with the computer on the kitchen counter. It's the only place my one year old can't get to it! If I try working any other place, he'll constantly try to tap keys and crawl on my face. I'm also applying for a promotion at my day job. It's insane, but I don't know any other way! So happy you're enjoying Destruction!

  2. Sharon,
    It sounds like you have a full year ahead of you. People who aren't writers think we're crazy for taking on such challenging schedules. As the saying goes, "You don't have to be crazy to be a writer, but it helps" :) Seriously though, best wishes on your writing journey. Thanks for participating in the blog hop. It's been fun getting to know you a bit.

  3. It is essential that you love your stories and characters. I'm glad you've found works that inspire you. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love your enthusiasm for what you do but couldn't begin to try to actually produce all you're setting out to produce in the time.