Thursday, April 17, 2014

#Nestpitch SB3: Fade Away

Category/Genre: YA Science Fiction

Word Count: 76,000 

Pitch: With mankind suddenly infertile, marriages are genetically assigned to study why. Cadi escapes hers, but things get complicated when she discovers feelings for her husband-to-be... and secrets that prove extinction might be avoidable after all.

If the MC was an Easter egg...

I’d be chocolate-covered, raspberry-filled because a girl shouldn’t wear all her secrets on her shell. 


The lights in the chilly, deserted classroom begin to glow as they detect my body’s warmth. The door slides shut behind me with a whoosh, then instantly bounces back open as if on a spring.

I blink in confusion as Evan walks into the room with bowls in his hands and a pod of cereal tucked under his arm. “What are you, the world’s best boyfriend?” I ask with a laugh.

“Today at least.”

Evan winks, his dark eyes flashing mischievously, and glides a propulsion chair out from under the desk. I plop into the chair and flip off the hologram keyboards while he sits and pours the cereal.

“You should have your favorite cereal on your birthday,” he adds.

I shovel a mouthful of the colorful flakes into my mouth so he can’t see me frown.

“Besides, I only had to get up by five to make sure I could sneak all this out of the cafeteria.”

I brandish my spoon at him accusingly. “They don’t even put out the breakfast foods until seven.”

“Yeah well, I got up extra early to plot the breakout,” he replies with a smirk. “Nothing too good for my girl on her special day. Special week, really.”

“Don’t remind me,” I mutter, stirring my cereal so colorful swirls ripple through the milk.

“C’mon Cadi, you’re not still worrying about Thursday, are you?” Evan asks, his eyes softening. “I wish you’d just find a way to be excited about it. It doesn’t exactly make it easier for me, seeing you like this.”

“It just seems so fast,” I whisper, watching as the colors hug the edge of the bowl and the flakes begin to sink. Saliva floods my mouth and my stomach spins like the colors in the bowl. I swallow hard and push around what’s left of the flakes. 


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