Thursday, April 17, 2014

#NestPitch SB4: The Discarded

Category/Genre: YA Sci-fi

Word Count: 68,000 

Pitch: When Brielle’s bff reveals she has cancer, she returns to the island where she’s wanted for murder to steal the cure. Unfortunately, her tendency to electrocute people when upset makes it hard to be inconspicuous.

If the MC was an Easter egg...

Chocolate covered scorpion – if the scorpion was still alive. I tend to strike when bitten. 


I tugged the hood farther over my face and sunk back into the jacket as I slipped through the night. I could see the smoke from the fires snaking up into the starlit sky and hear the peals of laughter from my side of the city – just another Edge of the World party thrown by The Pythons. The local gang liked to throw parties at the cliffs that overlooked the sea. I shuddered with the thought. The cliffs weren’t that high, possibly fifty feet or so, but any height was too much for me.

I trudged through the sleepy city, the steel doors of the buildings closed tight against any nefarious forces passing by. Most of Zale was closed up since it was a party night. The people who lived here were all about survival and on a night like tonight, it was better to be inside. As I neared the edge of the city, I passed the old Zale sign that hung there. The sign was from another time; the letter “S” on the end had been broken for years. I adjusted the long blade against my back nervously. Being as this was my first ever trip to one of the parties to join in the fun, I needed a little security. The parties were notorious for making people disappear.

My heart beat wildly against my chest any my skin tingled with anticipation. I’d be lying to myself if I said I didn’t love a good fight. But me versus the whole gang, well I wasn’t really looking for that much fun.

The smoke was beginning to thicken enough that I could feel it soaking into my clothes and burrowing into my hair. It hung low over the city, its tendrils licking at my face. I tried to escape it by pulling the hood over my nose as a barrier between my lungs and the offensive smell.


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