Thursday, April 17, 2014

#NestPitch SB6: Equilibrium

Category/Genre: YA Speculative Fiction

Word Count: 100,000 

Pitch: 17-year-old Marvel is able to teleport across parallel universes, but when the Shadows from another dimension seep into her world, she must stop them before more of her classmates disappear.

If the MC was an Easter egg...

I’d be plain old chocolate because it’s normal. 


Stars sprinkled the sky, pinpoints of light around a low yellow moon. I breathed in deep as the wind yanked at my hair. Two steps to the edge and I’d fall. Two steps and I’d be gone.


I whipped around at his voice. Gray stood outside the rooftop entrance, his hand lingering on the handle. “What are you doing?”

There was caution in his voice. He knew exactly what I was doing. I’d done it before.

He pulled out his pocket watch, the same one all Royals carried. Brushed gold with exposed gears, turning and turning through thousands of years.

“Just twenty minutes, Leah,” he said. “I’ll stay with you. It’ll be okay.”

I looked at the view again. I could see buildings for miles, lights in windows. People working, eating dinner, spending time with their families. Mine was home as well, with no idea I wouldn’t be back tonight.

That I’d be dead before tomorrow.

Gray’s feet crunched on the gravel as he walked to my side. He only said one word. “Please.”

My heart twisted and a ball of emotion clogged my throat. “I can’t.”

His fingers grazed mine, then slid up my arm and cupped my elbow. When I turned, his cheeks were taut, raw emotion behind his eyes.

“Gray,” I warned, trying to inch away. “I have to do this.”

“Not again. Not this time.”

He wrapped his arms around me, a tight band, and I could barely breathe. A warm breeze blew, tickling my hair against my cheeks. I closed my eyes. Let myself give in for an entire ten seconds as his breath brushed my ear. He traced the length of my blonde hair, all the way to my waist.

Then I eased back.


And I leapt. Straight off the edge of the building and into darkness.


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