Thursday, April 17, 2014

#NestPitch SB7: Blood Boys

Category/Genre: YA Superhero Fantasy

Word Count: 58,000 

Pitch: A radioactive spider would be pretty freaking nice right now. In 17yo Sebastian's world, only the most fearless become superhuman. Forever reckless, he enlists in the program. Now he must survive a nightmarish, insanity-inducing boot-camp.

If the MC was an Easter egg...

Dark chocolate filled with honeycomb because I'm slightly bitter but have a fragile sweet center.


Half the kids on the bus have fresh buzz cuts.

It's hard to tell who among them is enlisting today and who did it for the admittedly sexy shock value. Like Sarah Smith, the blond girl who'd totally be a cheerleader if our school had cheerleaders. Her long blond locks? Gone. Beside her is Adam Green, the quiet guy who, until today, had puffy brown hair that shot out in all directions. He's staring forward, his hair short and spiky.

And then there's me, sitting by myself, resting my head against the grimy window. I run a hand over my prickly scalp. It's uneven, and there's a pretty drastic dip above my left temple. Still, it doesn’t really matter what it looks like. There's no last minute holy-crap-you're-going-to-war booty waiting for me. Because while I may not know if the others are enlisting:

I know that I am.

The bus lurches to a stop in front of my school. A bunch of signs have been erected on the lawn in honor of it being Enlisting Day. They're the same ones that started popping up everywhere since they first appeared, with brave men and women dressed in camouflage surrounded by phrases like: 'Be a Hero' and 'Defend Your Family'.

Outside, a group of beefy guys, all sporting new buzz cuts, are blocking the entrance to the school. Like they do every single day. Most days I keep my eyes down and force my way through with the volume on my iPod turned all the way up.

Not today.

"Hey look," says one of them as I approach. "Leech's given himself a haircut!"

"Let me through, Ryan," I say. He's the leader of this group of meatheads and as such is the only one who matters. Also, his name is Phil, I just wanted to piss him off.


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