Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Support Indie Bookstores! Buy Destruction from The Book Spot

I am beyond thrilled to announce that Destruction is now available for pre-order exclusively at The Book Spot, a family-owned independent book store in Round Rock, Texas.

If you live in the U.S., please purchase your copy of Destruction from The Book Spot.

Here's why:

1) You'll be supporting an independent bookstore owned by the friendly Danny and Julie Woodfill of Round Rock, Texas. You know...instead of throwing more money on Amazon's sizable pile.

2) From now until 4/19, you'll only be charged $0.99 cents for shipping anywhere in the U.S.! They'll also send it internationally--check with them for a quote. Of course, there will be no shipping fee if you pick up your book at the launch party!

3) It's the only way to buy a copy that is SIGNED and PERSONALIZED. You can't get that on Amazon! And, I've already been practicing my cryptic wizardy messages to include in your signed copies. :)

Well, I'm convinced. Unfortunately, it's sort of weird for me to buy a signed book for myself. But, I hope you guys do! Click on the giant, blue "buy now" button to order your copy.

On The Book Spot site, you'll probably also notice that they're throwing me a launch party on 4/19!! I'll be sharing more info soon, but if you live in or around Austin, please save the date!

P.S. You can also buy signed copies of The Charge from The Book Spot!

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