Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My #BestBadQuery - Respectfully, Crazy Person

The time has come! Today is the BAD Query Contest, where we finally get to win by writing terrible queries. It's not too late to participate--check out the rules on the original post page.

And, here is my BAD query:


to whom it may concern:

i am writing to loge a complaint about you're "agency." i contacted you more a week ago with an idea that could make millions and will probably be a major motion picture also. i guess none of those millions will go to u. lol

no one has replied to my enquiry i would expect better customer service if you want me as your client. their r many other agencies I could contact or even film executives or television series. please have the head of your agency call me ASAP at 555-555-555 to talk with me about my idea, so I will know if I should start writing we can talk about advance also.

if I do not get a call right away, I will assume that this is nothing more than another internet scam and I will be reporting you to my better business boroow. i guess you just steal ideas and use them yourself. i will sue you for millions.


Crazy Person


Pretty bad, huh? :) But can you be worse? Check out the other entries here:


  1. That was excellently bad - good job :)

  2. In the meantime, take a moment to enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that your place in our Freshman class will be taken by someone with lower qualifications but he will know how to do case study