Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Who is the foulest of them all? Vote for the #bestbadquery!

It's time to vote! As a reminder, the person with the most votes will win a $25 Amazon gift card, and the joy of knowing they are the worst of the worst.

Here are your choices:

(I participated for fun, but you can't vote for me. :) )

Vote for up to three entries! If you enter late, I can still add you to the poll, just give me a head's up in comments. Here is the original post with rules.

I would also love to give out some honorable mentions! If you think of any special mentions you'd like to give like, "Worst spelling and punctuation," or "Purplest Prose," please put these in comments.

I'll announce the winners in one week.

Who did it WORST
Oh, My Word!
James Wymore
Clare Dugmore Writes
Coffee Books & Art
Elsie Elmore (WR)
Gina Denny
The Daddy Handbook
From The Desk of Laura Stephenson
Author Jen Estes
Writer of Wrongs
Adrianne James
Writing Like Crazy
Aria Glazki
Dan Koboldt
I Love U 4 Ur Brains
Fans of Fiction
Poll Maker


  1. Elsie Elmore- Most Intriguing Plot

  2. Ginny Denny- Cringe-worthy Punctuation :)

  3. Sharon, can you add me to the poll? Thanks!

  4. Oh My Word!- Most Enjoyable Repetition

  5. My nominees for Best/Worst
    Best Worst Mixed bag of Genres - Jenna at Fans of Fiction
    Best Worst Name for Villain - Goldiwort by Dan Koboldt
    Best Worst Plot Twist - Meli at Oh My Word!